Friday, November 04, 2011

Too funny!

I had to laugh this afternoon when I got an email from Kathy Shaw telling me she just published a CQ calendar. I didn't know she was doing one and unless she was looking in my window the past week, she didn't know I was doing one either. So now you have a few 2012 CQ calendars to choose from. I guess Crazy minds think alike! They make great gifts too. You can preview my 13 month CQ calendar on Magcloud using the link on my left sidebar. You can browse Kathy's too by typing in CQ calendar (I don't have the link) Eye candy galore! This could never happen twice,LOL.

I had to cut this post short last night but anyway I was making the calendar for myself actually. I had bought a Sea glass calendar last year and was sad to see it go soon so I thought I would make my own so I would have a CQ calendar in my studio. I like simple calendars with a nice space to write my appointments, so this one has basic events only. Some have just way too many events that I'm not interested in and no space to jot down a note. So I had decided to offer it to the public as well. You don't have to buy it but you can get a preview on the Magcloud site. I used full size photos so CQer's can see the detail and perhaps get inspired, grab their stash and get stitching!
Today looks pretty clear although it is cold right now. Unless a friend calls to go play, I will be working on the last project for the magazine. Whew! I'm getting there. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM CDT

    It's true crazy minds think alike because you introduced your BoHo Fever the same day I featured my BoHo tutorial and I never knew you were doing yours... Really crazy... Hugs Gerry Krueger

  2. What a lovely idea..the calendars! Amazing Serendipity happening!!Hope you sell lots and lots(both of you).I'll be ordering mine!

  3. Yep, we are both crazy! I'll be ordering your calendar because I love to be inspired...and I badly need to be organized! Usually, I have multiple calendars around the house. One in the kitchen, the sewing room, and the office for sure! And, as gifts...they also spread the art of Crazy Quilting too. So, might have to do some early Christmas shopping!

  4. Two CQ calendars, awesome. Kathy has a link in the sidebar of her blog - which takes you to MagCloud preview/ordering area. Very kewl! I'm looking forward to the mail ; )

  5. I came by via PaisleyCat. You have a lovely blog. I am going to enjoy visiting you here.

  6. Great minds thik alike in thise case - sounds a brilliant idea - off to look

  7. What a gorgeous Calendar!!! Beautiful ! What at treat to be able to see your wonderful work everyday!!!!


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