Sunday, November 27, 2011

Please vote :-) TODAY is deadline...please????

Julia, my super talented friend in AU has made a beautiful quilt for her son and entered it in a contest. I've known Julia for several years through the internet and she is a magnificent crazy quilter, embroiderer and quilter not to mention the sweetest person you could ever meet online or in person so, not meaning to embarrass her, I would love for anyone who feels inclined, to vote for her quilt here. Just scroll down to the 9th quilt, titled,"Dinner is served" to see this quilt...
 then scroll down further to see where to cast your vote. I would appreciate it so much and I know Julia would appreciate it even though she is terribly modest. Thank you!!!!!!!!!


  1. I voted - Julie is now 2nd with 60 votes - the leader has 70.

    Come on girls - lets support Julie - not because we were asked - but because it really is the most beautiful quilt - with so much detail - she deserves to win!

  2. I just voted Pat - hope it's not too late. They hadn't closed the poll, so I think I made it.

  3. I voted, Pat. Right now Julia is in the lead with 78 votes ... or maybe it was 78% of the votes. Duh. At any rate, she's in the #1 spot. :-)

  4. Hi Pat, Thank you so much...that's so lovely of you to give me a shout out on your blog.
    You say the sweetest things...I do appreciate it very much..
    Hugs Julia ♥


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