Friday, November 25, 2011

Nice beach walk with mom

 We didn't make it to the beach until after 2:00 but we did make it and enjoyed every step. As you can see, mom was anxious to get to the pebbles. There she goes.... you can't keep her down!

When we arrived there were several beach combers already searching for treasure.
 We just joined in the "head hangers" and enjoyed the sunshine.....when it popped out.

 You can tell there were many feet passing through these stones today.....
 The sun was beginning to go behind the clouds and stay there so we headed back content with our finds and our refreshed spirits.
 I found a large "brain" for mom and she found most of my crinoids here.
 I'm glad we kept our plans to stroll the shore today because cold and rainy weather is headed our way.
When I returned home I was shocked to find my etsy shop was empty again so I just added some more things for tonight. For those who bought the pre-ordered books, I went ahead and ordered them already. I figured with the holidays upon us why make you wait any longer. I must charge my camera battery and add more goodies tomorrow. Thank you for all who purchased things. Happy dreams to all and rest your feet for those who ventured out shopping. I'm ready for a bubble bath!


  1. Hi Pat,
    The beach looks so inviting, I would have loved to walk there with you and your Mom. It reminded me of many happy times walking along the beach in Devon with my Mum too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Angela.

  2. It's cooler and quite blustery here today too.
    Lovely to see the shore and Mum eager to search for 'treasure'.
    I couldn't make out which piece of treasure was the 'brain'!

    Off out with my sister, niece Clare and her hubby and 2 kids for a curry tonight, niece is treating me for my birthday...another year older tomorrow! Where does the time go?
    Hope you keep warm and cosy for the rest of the weekend,

    Sandie xx

  3. It will be sad to see the beaches full of ice and snow soon. I'm glad it's been nice this long. I even bought a snow blower-getting too old to shovel-LOL. Alot of money for something not so much fun but I'll be glad this winter-take care-Leslie K

  4. How I wish I lived near a lake!!!ice pictures. I received my calendar, that I won, today. WOW! love it. Also, your latest magazine, nice presents for my birthday, eh!!Thanks again, Susann


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