Sunday, November 27, 2011

My muse won out!

 Well, I think I got about 6 whole minutes of studio cleaning time in this morning. As I was straightening up an image of one of my favorite Flappers fell to the floor and that was it. I picked it up, headed to the fabric drawers and my muse took over. DH is watching a ball game, Angell is sleeping so I decided to relax as well and create! I'm making a water bottle holder.

Still with no living room furniture so I am sewing at the dining room table. This is my current creative mess.
Oh how I love my Kreinik threads! 
 I hope you are having a creative day...back to stitching on this rainy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Love your creativity.

  2. Hi Pat, It is warm and sunny in NJ today and I'm sitting and working on a needlebook to give to a friend for Christmas. What you're doing now looks beautiful. I love the color combination. Have a great day.

  3. Hi, Pat, your creative "mess" is just beautiful. This is going to be one pretty water bottle holder.

  4. Your muse must have headed my way too as I've been so dang busy all day. Love your color combination - looks beautiful as always!

    BTW - The Winter Edition is FABULOUS!!!!! and I love oyur calendar.

  5. If only all my 'messes' looked as good as yours LOL!
    Thanks for the message re- 'brain' stone!

    Have a great week and hope you get your lounge furniture soon!


    Sandie xx

  6. Hi Pat ... today was sunny and in the 50's down in "these here parts of Texas". I spent a good part of the day outdoors. We had your rain all day yesterday.

    Lovely work, as usual... and oh so very fancy for a water bottle holder, lol! I'm with you ... love those Kreinik threads.

  7. Creative mess is good your water bottle holder..great idea.
    Julia ♥

  8. I love the colors you put together, you have such an ability to make things go together. I struggle to work colors out. Nice job-Leslie K

  9. Nice festive colors, love that mess!

  10. After Christmas, I am definitely going to try this! You are such an inspiration.


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