Sunday, November 06, 2011

A little fun and a lotta work this weekend

Yesterday I went to Fishman's Fabrics and Ikea with Jilly. It was a beautiful warm day and I had no idea I was going to go on a little road trip. I have been wanting to go to Ikea for a while to check out some storage drawer units. I had one I had found at a tag sale and I love to be able to pull the wire drawer out so I can dig for just the right fabric. I've been using the plastic enclosed units but my fabrics were exploding through the back and the drawers wouldn't close properly. Anyway, I found the wire ones and bought two units and 12 drawers. This morning I assembled them and switched them out with the plastic ones which  now reside in my closet filled with lining fabrics and sheers.I took a little break and watched "The Red Violin" with DH then ..back to work.
 I spent the entire afternoon organizing the studio/closet and still didn't get the fabrics folded and arranged in the drawers nicely....that will be tomorrows task.
I have a load for Goodwill and DH carried out 8 big bags of junk for the trash. I cleaned out my paper work also and I'm trying to get everything together for DH and the accountant. It feels good to be organized and caught up on things that I usually set aside (forget about) until the last minute. I am a bit tired now and don't want to look at fabric any more today, not even my new goodies from Fishman's. I know, unbelievable....but true! It was a fun outing with Jilly and much needed too. Time for a lavender bubble bath I think!


  1. My goodness - there is no stopping you is there. So much fabulous material and you can now see at a glance what is where. A great storage solution. I didn't know you had IKEA over there too. The nearest one to me is over 100 miles - so as much as I would love to shop there - at least I resist the temptation.

    A lavender bath sounds perfect - get some rest young lady.

  2. Pat, this looks like an awesome way to store fabric! I use big plastic containers from WalMart. Each is "organized" (using that word lightly) according to fabric types. It's really a pain. Perhaps after Christmas, I'll rethink my storage issues and come up with a better solution.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Love those storage drawers!!

  4. I just recently sorted all my fabric into separate plastic bins, by type - velvets, satins, tapestries, sheers, etc. I have to keep them totally enclosed because mice manage to find them otherwise. It does feel good to have them all easy to find now though.

  5. You most certainly had a busy weekend Pat! Love the baskets for storage.

  6. Those are great looking storage units. and rather lovely fabrics as well.

  7. I can hardly get my studio door open let alone get organized. I'll send you a plane ticket and feed you delicious food.....come COME soon! LOL

  8. You put most of us to shame organised!
    Love the storage idea.
    Hope your lavender bath was good!
    I only have a shower, really miss having a relaxing soak once in a while!
    Have a lovely week,

    Sandie xx

  9. Oh yes, organising fabrics feels so good.I had wire baskets in a wardrobe in our last house.They were fab- being able to see everything at a glance!!

    I can only DREAM of a lavendar bath.If I climbed into our bath, I'd need a hoist to get me out!!!

  10. Pat, Don't you just love Ikea?! I bought those exact units last spring right after my studio was flooded. I wish I had room for another three as I think they are the best for letting the fabrics breathe. If I could reach them I'd actually have hubby hang them on the wall .....hmm maybe I'll have to seriously think about that idea.

  11. I would love that kind of storage, I'll have to keep Ikea in mind. I'd love to visit Fishmans, I hear its quite a place. It's a rainy yuky day, perfect for my trip to the dentist-LOL-Leslie K


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