Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exactly what I have been saying!!! Deep thinking again...

For as long as I can remember I've been told that I give way too much information away. I have mixed feelings about this because on one hand I didn't (and still don't) feel like I have a whole lot to offer as far as unique ideas and on the other hand I feel what I do have to offer, either by coming to me in a dream or perhaps seeing it previously and not knowing it stuck in my memory then recreating it with my own twist, should be shared and not lost in my mind.

When I came across this article on this wonderful blog this morning I had to re post it. Feel free to re post it if you feel the same. Yes, I understand and respect  copyright, so please don't go there. I also understand many of you make your art for money, at some time, we all do that don't we? Even without trying. My point is, every idea has been done before, by someone, in some other place in time, each being seen and created with a unique eye and hand.
Why not share with each other more openly and see the beauty another can bring with that idea or pattern or method? Isn't that what we are doing with our art anyway? Sharing what we interpret from an idea that caught our interest? It isn't ours just as our paid for home isn't truly ours, or the land we live on and pay taxes on. We only borrow these things while we are still breathing.

One day while visiting Ellen Eddy, early in our friendship, I was so pleased to hear her comment that we can't sit on our ideas like eggs (or something like that) so share what you can. Seeing her amazing colorful big as life art and knowing what a special gift this woman before me owned, I gained more respect for her that day. I imagine people pick her brain all the time, students, artists she meets, curious George's, but with her attitude and giving spirit, she will never be depleted of ideas.

Like the article states, "Somehow the more you give away, the more comes back to you." I am living proof of that.  So, do not covet your ideas, I'm not. I did take credit for using a crazy quilted flap on the BOHO bag but I openly shared it for anyone to do, and I bet several actually had it in mind before seeing mine. As creative people, we do that, think alike and apply our art as we see fit. Just because I did it doesn't make me the queen of the BOHO bag. What a silly thought. The BOHO bag idea came from the gorgeous backpacks made by Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl. I wanted a roomy fun bag for travel and loving pretty fabrics and trims,...the BOHO was born. People have changed this and that and made it unique to themselves and I am loving it. The variety of the bags, the creativity and fun...all good, all positive energy and I hope it continues.

Any patterns or information in the crazy quilt gatherings magazine is there for you to collect and use. If it looks familiar to you, that is total coincidence. I make my own patterns however I can't guarantee I wasn't influenced somewhere in the past. I will say I have never intentionally copied a pattern and claimed it for my own. I mean how many shapes are there for eyeglass cases? You do NOT need my permission to use an idea or pattern although I was very touched by those who have been asking. The information is for you to use and play with abandon as you wish. Make it, sell it, give it away, it is your creation my friends. Go play!!!!!!

With that being said, I respect my fellow artists and their ideas and I hope they know that sometimes an idea sticks in our heads and grows like a seed then presents itself perhaps years later in our art. After all, didn't all crazy quilters copy the Victorians art? Aren't you glad we did? Why let it die because great Aunt Gracie refused to share her pattern or tips on a favorite stitch? Let it live on...experiment, play,SHARE.
Jumping off my soapbox and tiptoeing away.........


  1. Dear Pat
    I love your attitude and whole heartedly agree with you.

  2. As a new artist, I am so grateful to those who do share their techniques. I have learned gobs from so many, including some of the great painters from years past. I've copied Monet, Van Gogh, Hopper, etc and each painting helped me to understand color and brush use. Where would we be if we could not bounce off of one another?

  3. I'm with you Pat.. well said

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM CST

    My philosophy exactly...plus at my age do I really want to take it to my grave with me?... nonsense.. Ger

  5. Amen sister! What a great post. The more we share the more we gain...absolutely. It is pure joy to know that someone takes a little idea of yours (and hundreds before you probably) and makes it their own...to nurture and expand. Yes, agree...we each have the right to create and sale our things, books, lessons...but that doesn't mean that we can't also just share as well. Needle-artists are great at doing this. Just look around the web...teachers with websites usually include little tutorials and patterns...freely. I'm glad to be a crazy quilter...and feel that I'm in great company! Thanks for such a thought provoking post!

  6. I agree totally. Great post! It all makes for a much happier person. I read all of your posts, although I don't comment often. I had to say something today. Wonderful thoughts for all to live by.

  7. Beautifully said! Years ago I spent 4 years in Spain taking classes from a wonderful art teach named Mr. Frankie. One day a student mentioned that it seemed like everyone was copying each others work. He said to us all " always remember, if you have thought it, someone else has too... But that someone actually did something with it be with a pencil, ink, or paintbrush" As a crazy quilter I am grateful for all those that share their work as that is where I get my inspiration.

  8. Brava Pat!!! Beautifully said and I agree completely!! this is exactly why I love to teach- I learn so very much form my students and it all swirls around making lovely circles and patterns of glorious relationships!!!!

  9. What a great post Pat, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I blog because I like to share and if someone copies my work....., Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

  10. Thank you Pat!
    I so totally agree.
    Art is best when shared and cq is the ultimate in shared knowledge!
    every time you cut a piece of fabric or lace, ribbon or embellishment you are taking someones idea and making it your own!
    and if someone copies a stitch or an idea well it just means that someone admired something you've done and we should be flattered!
    at least they re looking!

  11. I am with you 100%. It is our highest calling to help each other along our way. Sharing from our experiences good or bad, will help someone else with their struggles. Creating art is only one way we learn from each other, life has many learning and teaching opportunities.

  12. I LOVE this post! I make a great effort to name my resources but sometimes I forget. I was dinged by someone this morning for not mentioning I used their free pattern. In a comment, no less, when they could have emailed me. Ah well...I agree...share, we all benefit in the end and we are all influenced and influencing. That's how we are inspired to bigger and better ideas!

  13. Great post, Pat. This is really something that needed to be said, and I can’t think of a better person for it to come from. Hurray! I have always thought that there is no way I could come up with anything truly unique - whether in art or just in thinking - that hadn’t been thought of before. And I actually find not only freedom, but COMFORT in that.

    And today I am waiting for my winter issue of Gatherings to arrive!!!


  14. Well said! I couldnt agree more! One of the thrills of crazy quilting is seeing a new stitch on an old quilt or one on line and trying it for yourself.....keeping this wonderful art alive.I just finished the clutch that was in the magazine today! I hope to post about it tomorrow, just have to sew the sides together. I got in the middle of a dog fight and am nursing 6 Bites on my right hand so I am stitching at the pace of a turtle, lol!

  15. I totally agree that sharing idea's is wonderful, give credit to those whom you use their idea, be copyright savy, enjoy the creative process and share idea's and more will come back to you.

  16. Anonymous- All great art begins in imitation. Maire


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