Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Been stitchin today!

 The winds here today have been around 55mph..whew! I snuggled in Angell's chair (since that is the only one in the living room right now) and stitched the afternoon away. I hadn't planned on sewing today but I received a phone call from a furniture store I visited last week. I had asked them if I could purchase their discontinued samples. The gal said they have a list and the other people on the list had recently been given samples so I would be next. They were so nice about it and I truthfully never thought I'd get a call so I decided one kind deed ......so in return for some samples for CQ I thought I would make the gal a neck pouch. This is what I came up with today. Olde Rose, Pale Blue, and muted green with gold accents. The image is from a dear friend. She shared several with me, and one that is just so special:-) Thank you JO!
 Now to put it together this evening so I can present her with it in the morning when I pick up the goods. I hope the wind eases up by morning but either way, when gathering stash we can't be deterred by weather can we?
Yesterday in the Dr.s office I finished the water bottle bag for etsy. I might assemble that tonight as well.
So if these two UFO's need attention...why am I sitting here? Later!


  1. Oh these are stunning - and especially the water bottle colours - they seem to reflect the deeper colours of the oncoming winter.

    It's been dull, dismal, wet and windy here today. A snuggle up indoors type of day. So wonderful to pop over to blog land to catch some brightness

  2. Oh! Gorgeous as always!!! Fabric samples? Awesome!!! I found some gorgeous sample books filled with dupioni silks at a flea market in Sept. Actually, Bubba found them for me. I only paid $3.00 for each book and there were 3 of them. Now to use those gorgeous things!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Fabric samples - yum! Always fun to see what you are up to....

  4. Pat, The neck pouch is really gorgeous and she is going to love it! Who wouldn't!

    I wanted to thank you for including my work in your newest edition of Crazy Quilt Gatherings too! I was floored when I saw my write up! Thank you ever so much for the smile you put on my face!!


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