Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walk in the woods and apple pie kind of day!

This morning did a little stitching on a Boho bag flap. Sneak peek...
I then went outside and  picked up walnuts by the barn for my brother. He shells them in front of his wood stove as he watches TV in the evenings and always gives me a jar full. I love black walnuts in brownies, divinity for mom and fudge for...guess who? We are fortunate to have several Black Walnut trees on our property so why not gather and use them? They are abundant this year... sign of a hard cold Winter? Perhaps.
After I gathered almost a bushel and I was tired of bending over I decided to make an apple pie (with homemade crust this time.) It was just that kind of a day. I rolled the crust and cut my strips, gave them a twist before laying them across the apples then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and slid it in the oven.
 The only bad part about baking on a beautiful day is...you need to waste some time indoors, at least I do because when I am cooking and stray away from the kitchen I forget I am cooking and the house ends up smoky and smelly. So, what to do?
Give Angell a much needed bath was the answer to that. I scooped her up and off we went. Several dirty looks and a few growls later she was smelling fresh again. I wrapped her in a towel and sat her on the back deck to shake then I put her in her chair and she fell asleep so I had some more free time and called my friend Tish which I have been wanting to do for a few weeks now. Hanging up laughing, I smelled the pie and went to check it....and it was done.
Now I was free!!!! Angell was still sleeping so I escaped to the barn, started my golf cart and away I sped toward the woods with camera in hand. The first thing I saw were a pair of fungus...the biggest I've ever seen. I slipped my sandal off to show you the actual size of this monster.
Beside me the creek was trickling slightly under the fallen golden leaves. I love the woods and the smell of Autumn. As I've mentioned before, our woods behind our home was my main playground. Solitude and imagination was all I needed to be the happiest girl on earth. The peace and discoveries that woodlands hold are magical for me still today. It certainly was a beautiful day for a walk in the woods. Nothing like simple pleasures of apple pie and woodland walk days to refresh your soul.
I hope you enjoyed your day too!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  2. That fungus looks like a puffball and they make delicious eating. We love them but rarely are lucky enough to find one.

  3. Mmmm.... Apple pie and a walk in the woods, both sound delicious.
    I'm just back from Knitting and Stitching in London and wanted you to know that mt Boho bag was admired so much. I met Barbara Willis(doll maker) who knew you and admired your work. Thank you so much for the inspiration.
    Hugs, Angela.

  4. Thats my idea of a perfect day.

  5. Very beautiful fall post. I had to do a double take at your woods picture-I thought you had to have been in my side yard. Look alike woods!

    Your new quilted piece is so lovely. Will watch for it's completion.

  6. A lovely day indeed! That pie looks yumee....

  7. What a wonderful post. Your pie looks so delicious! and the bag flap is gorgeous. I love the photo of the puff fungus. So excited to know that you will be teaching at Artful Gathering next summer!

  8. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed the apple pie and then the woods, oh my to the size of the "fungus"!

  9. Love the peek of the bag flap, cant wait to see the rest....my hubby wishes we had a walnut tree here!

  10. I certainly enjoyed my time 'with you' today. That walk in the woods was just magic - even with fairy fungi - and your own golf buggy to ride in - what luxury.

    Save me a slice of your apple pie - I'll catch the next plane over!


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