Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trim & Treasure club ...grab your brown paper bag

Sit down, grab a tissue, make that a box of tissues, prepare to hyperventilate while you feast your eyes on the Trim & Treasure club offerings from Flights Of Fancy Boutique for October...................... Teal and brown treasure. These are things you must fondle in person to really appreciate. Pictures just don't do these justice at all. The sparkle, textures, and unique items in these packs made my muse light headed, and she is a strong gal.
 Now for still my heart! Dusty grape purple, my fav beaded and sequin butterfly and dragonfly, crushed velvet and blossoms waiting to decorate a Boho bag for certain. 
 What better way to indulge without dealing with calories? I just couldn't keep this to I must go fondle my goodies a bit more..................... 
If you are a FOF Treasure club member and have made a project incorporating things from a Trim & Treasure pack, email a jpg of your finished project or block to for the Spring issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine.


  1. Oooh Pat! Wonderful goodies, don't know which is my favourite!
    But, I do know I have a piece of fabric that would just go a treat with the Teal and Brown selection!
    If I remember, I'll get a pic and post it on my blog.
    As for the Dusky pinky/purple selection....I have all manner of fabrics that would blend in perfectly, or as my Gt. Neice and Nephew would say,"That's well good"!

    How do you become a Treasure Club member of FOF? I know, visit their website and find out! Have they got one in the UK????

    Thanks for sharing the eye candy,


    Sandie xx

  2. LOL! I used up the whole box! Yes, Pat, deliciousness!

    Hugs, Diane

  3. What lusciousness - I can almost feel the excitement

  4. Pat, I wanted to share this blog with you and your followers. I didn't see it in your sidebar and I know you'll all LOVE her work:

    Enjoy! I'm intrigued every time I visit there!

    Hugs, Diane


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