Saturday, October 01, 2011

Trim arrived!

Yeah! Yesterday the beaded trim arrived for the pink Bohemian Gatherings Bag and although I couldn't work on it last night, I did begin working on it after breakfast and I'm almost finished and thought I might share the progress. This is the beaded trim I was waiting for.I had two pink trims and neither of them were good enough for this bag so I ordered the scallop beaded and drop beaded trim and love it! The color was perfect which surprised me because you never know what you get when you order online without seeing the actual product as you know. I run a line of glue along the trim first then hand stitch when dry. I add the longest trim to the bottom right along the edge of the flap then layer the next trim on top of that and so on. I use trims that graduate in size so I don't have to watch for length along the edge. The right side of bag.....
Under the front flap I offset a vintage dyed doily and stitched around it to form a pocket.
The back of the bag has a hand dyed dresser scarf which I cut in half and used as a pocket too. The front flap with trims... I have some personal touches to add today and then it will be mailed off to a gal in hopes of it making her smile as much as her generous mermaid necklace gift she surprised me with as well as the two beautiful spiders she sent for mom and me last week.
Thank you Kathy!!!!!! I hope you like your BOHO Bag!


  1. The beaded trim is so delicious, I love the colour and those amazing drops. This is going to be one sweet bag.

  2. Oh this is stunning - and thank you so much for giving a guide on how to add the trims etc - that's a great help.

    Gorgeous colour combinations - and so very feminine

    I have reverted back to the 'old' blogger version, so it seems to recognise me again and letting me leave comments!

  3. It's beautiful, Pat!


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