Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time stands still when pain is involved...Pat's pity party

Thursday night around bed time I had an ache in my jaw....a few minutes later I was in agony and headed for the medicine cabinet. Two Motrin and a q-tip of hour later, horrible pain....I was desperate and in tears by this time so I stole one of DH's hydrocodone for his hour later, no help...I took another and for me to do that, I was in huge pain. Still nothing. I suffered all night and phoned the dentist, left a message begging for any appointment with any dentist. Around 9:00 the office called for an appointment at 10:20. I just had a cleaning, x-rays and checkup in July so how could this be? I brush, floss and use mouthwash...this isn't supposed to happen.

The dentist couldn't see any problem so more x-rays were taken, a different kind he said. That was painful biting down on hard plastic device digging into the soft part of your mouth. Again, nothing showed so he took out what I now refer to as the "Torture device" and began probing each tooth front to back upper and lower. As he landed on each tooth he sent a shock through the tooth which told him what pain level each tooth held. Well, one tooth didn't register anything so he said the tooth just died and it is spreading pain through the mouth which is why I couldn't pinpoint which tooth was aching. It was not really an ache, more like a throbbing heart being stabbed with a rusty axe! (The word "rusty" made it sound more painful right?) Anyway, he numbed the tooth and began drilling..I had my doubts but at the level of pain I was dealing with, he could have pulled all of them and I would have danced. Naturally I wasn't going to get off that easily. He said the tooth canals were so tiny he couldn't find them and there were supposed to be he filled the tooth, gave me two prescriptions and sent me home with a referral to an Endodontist for Monday for a root canal and possible crown. Meanwhile, I am speeding down the highway with a mouth throbbing in pain trying to get to CVS to fill my drug prescription. Vicodin! I hate medicine but I would have shoved a child out of my way to get to a vicodin at this point. Well, there were about 9 people ahead of me and I pleaded with the pharmacist that I really, really needed these an hour ago and was about to scream.....that did nothing to advance my place in line. i then felt like an addict as I moved to the back of the line wincing in pain holding my throbbing jaw. It didn't matter who was in pain ,as a matter of fact they called me after 10 minutes to ask for my insurance card which they forgot to get when I presented my others got to go in front of me as I waited even longer contemplating if I should browse the isles in search of a straight razor and just do myself in right then and there. I'm talking worse pain than childbirth only in your mouth! Finally, "Pat Winter" was called.....whew. I grabbed my pills ran to the pop case, bought a bottle of water and downed the pills, one for pain and one in case there is infection. I drove home, barely got into the house and I fell into my comfy chair and drifted to sleep. I don't take pills and even aspirin puts me to sleep. I was off to a peaceful place............ahhhhhh. I awoke, only to find just 20 minutes passed? Not fair! I wasn't having pain but I was not feeling well. Nauseated and foggy. I hate pills. Before leaving the dentist the Dr. told me I would still have pain, but it might take the edge off. Really? Over the weekend I have to deal with this? I am in pain as I type this, as you might be able to tell. Major pain, and I feel like if you looked at me you could see my whole head throbbing like a cartoon. I took my pills and nothing. Is this modern medicine? No help from pain at all? Deal with it? To top it off, he made it worse by drilling a tooth that wasn't even involved and now that one is stirred up too. I don't get it at all. Tomorrow morning I am calling every dentist in my area to see if they can do something if the Endodontist doesn't call by 10:00. This is ridiculous!
Ok, my pity party is over, I did stitch last night....a little. It was either stitch or #itch!
 I hope your weekend is going much better than mine.


  1. Hi Pat,
    Now I see what you mean about the "Root Canal"....NOT!
    Gee I remember when I had a funeral for one of my teeth that died... Not Pretty so I can sympathize with you.
    I hope things will settle down for you and you can get some peace and rest.
    Take care dear one..

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM CDT

    Oh Pat...I am so sorry you had to go through that... I dont think there is anything worse than tooth pain!!It never seems to happen during the week...always when you have to wait for Monday morning!! Hope you get the problem resolved so you can be good as new again ;)

    Ok..little lady... you just stole my heart with the picture of your new project..from the the colors and the pansies of course..that is what ~bestills my heart~ now I have to catch my breath again. ;o)
    Hope you have a great day,

  3. I feel so bad for you. Tooth pain and head pain are the worst. And when you can't get relief it just drives you crazy. I always think I do a Jekyll and Hyde thing, my personality changes so much when I'm in pain. Amazing you could manage to do such beautiful stitching!

    Sending positive thoughts for getting some relief soon!

  4. I am SO sorry you are having to go through this!! If it is any consolation to you, let me say that your story made ME feel better. I had oral surgery on Thursday morning and was sitting here feeling sorry for myself about the pain until I read your story. I'm managing on multiple ibuprophens and thanking my lucky stars! Good luck and I hope you feel better very soon!!

  5. OW OUCH! I fully relate to root canals. Painful, yes, but relief will come. Hangeth in there Friend! Cyber hugs, Sherrill Lewis

  6. Oh I can remember that sort of pain, but never to that poor girl .why in this day of modern medicine could the drugs not stop the almost makes me glad I have dentures.....toothache and earache...yes both are worse that childbirth and I had 7 did manage to keep a little of your sense of humour though and make us smile, particularly the thought of the sight of you going rampant with a razor..hope you feel better soon...

  7. Oh, Pat, I feel for you! I have been through this so many times. I don't think there is ANYTHING worse! I hope you find someone to help you quickly!
    Hugs, Diane

  8. There's nothing worse than dental type pain. I hope you can get some relief soon.

  9. Oh my gosh!!I'm so sorry. PAIN IS AWFUL! I sure hope it gets stopped somehow soon. I feel so sorry for you. The best thing I can do to help you is to pray and that I will immediately. Blessings, Diane

  10. I am so so sorry for your pain! I hope that you can get some sleep and relief soon - sending positive thoughts for a dentist who can do emergency work on your poor mouth!!!!

  11. Hi Pat! SO SORRY to hear about your pain. I sympathize with you, knowing the pain you are having, I can tell you, this will pass. I know you don't feel like it will, but it will.

    I love your new project. It is absolutely gorgeous.

    Sending good wishes your way for a less painful day, and hope you are feeling MUCH, MUCH better and the Endodontist gets you in early and helps you on your way Monday morning.

  12. Oh girl...I've been there. I can't take meds either but I'm lucky in that my pain tolerance is fairly high.

    Thinking of you...oxRebecca

  13. Pat, Sorry to hear of your pain. Hope it gets better without the dentist. I suspect you might have an abcess not a cavity as such. The piece is reallllly cute and done so nicely. Will remember you in my thoughts.

  14. So sorry, what a time you have had!!! Hopefully Monday will be better AFTER a root canal. They aren't much fun, but will get rid of the pain. Like you say, you'd do anything at this point. I hear ya!

  15. My jaw and teeth just hurt reading about your pain, hoping that your feeling better...& that tomorrow you will have some results as to when you can get the tooth taken care of...ouch!!

  16. Your post brought back horrible memories of a root canal job a few years back. OUCH!!! I am so sorry you have to put up with all this pain at the moment. I'd be tempted to try and drown the pain in a few glasses of wine.

  17. Oh you poor darling - I won't go into any horror stories - I do so hope that it gets sorted soon and that all this will soon be a memory.


  18. Oh Pat, it's Monday morning here, and I've just been reading about your tooth HELL!!Oh sorry to read this!
    Hope you get help SOON!!

  19. Oh my - poor you!! You are fully entitled to throw a pity party - actually I think you're entitled to throw a huge bash. I really hope the problem gets fixed soon!

  20. A tooth that broke horizontally in the gum let me learn that pain killers take EXACTLY 40 minutes to get into my my drugs worked. I can totally sympathise with you.I dont know how you managed to stitch.
    I paced the hall and kicked walls Childbirth was a breeze compared to

  21. I hate pain so I can truly understand how you felt! Mouth pain is the worst. You can't drink or eat without shocking pain sending you into a tailspin! Ugh!
    I am glad you are better now.


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