Monday, October 24, 2011

Time for a beach walk! Grab a stick and roll up your pants!

The weekend was beautiful and we spent it enjoying the weather and  celebrating DS's birthday. We took him and his girlfriend, Megan, to dinner and had birthday cake afterward at home. Yesterday evening Megan's parents invited us to their annual "Beaner" party. For over 25 years they get together with their neighbors and make a cauldron of ham and bean soup. I wish I had taken my camera, the cauldron was so cool. Huge and black just like a witch would use and it was full of soup. Everyone took a dish and enjoyed the beautiful Autumn day.
This morning I debated whether I should go to the beach or not...I cleaned house then decided I really should take advantage of the sunshine so off I went. I arrived around 8:00 which is late for me and there were a few people collecting already.
It rained during the night so it was a good morning to do some beach combing. The lake was a bit angry this morning with sand all churned up making the water look like coffee with too much cream.
 The waves were rolling in , the sun was hot and plentiful and the breeze was refreshing. I headed usual route.
 My first treasure.....a boomerang???? Did one of my Aussie friends toss this over to me? Who was it ??? Fess up! Judith? Julia? Sharon?Daisy?Lottie?

Perhaps it was...... Oh!!! A mermaid tear.....
and another...boomerang next to a greenie!
What?  Hmmmm...Who threw these and weren't they supposed to come back to you?
 I stroll onward to find more tears and a pretty piece of driftwood.

  More people arrive so I make my way to the stairs and take one last look at my calming lake...beautiful skies.
 My booty for the day.

I hope you have a beautiful day too! Time for some yard work before the rain arrives! Then stitching time!!!!! Whoot Whoot!


  1. My goodness - what a treasure trove you found today - lovely to get out in the fresh air

  2. Great collection I am so envious of your ability to get to the beach so easily and often!! Great haul of tears today _ the lavender piece is extra special!!!

  3. What a lovely big collection of mermaid tears.

  4. Looks like you had beautiful weather for your treasure hunt. I wish I lived close to a place that had mermaid tears....they look so cool....


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