Monday, October 10, 2011

Lots to think about...the magazine and life

 Life is full of changes, sometimes I want to go back to the quiet times when I woke up, straightened the house and went to the garden to play around before heading to the front porch to stitch a while. Then again I would not have not had the experiences I have had through teaching and online interaction so.......
As I meet new people online I naturally spend more time in cyberspace and I tend to raise my hand much too often which keeps me busier than I want to be. Several big changes in plans took place the past two weeks which allowed me to take a long look at what "Pat" wants. I've made some tough decisions and hope I can stick with them. Although I have learned never to say Never.

I've decided to only teach in my home studio for 4 months instead of 6. The teaching months include June, July, Aug, and Sept only. This allows students to plan their class time and better scheduling for me.
I also need to work on projects that inspire me for my etsy shop and get some stash in there soon. It irks me when I see an ad for a shop, go there intending to find something and it is bare bones. Unfortunately this happens quite often in the big magazines and I'm always so disappointed that the editor didn't research the shop before putting in the ad. If you have a filled shop and would like advertising in the magazine, I am having a special you can't beat so drop me a line if interested.

Last but not least, I want to focus more on the magazine, (as if I don't spend enough time on it,) making it my priority. There are many things I need to learn but I think overall the issues are improving. For the benefit of readers getting what they pay for, I have tried to pack as much info in each issue that I can. This has forced me to make the fonts (words) much smaller, depending on the article and photos and I'm not comfortable with that. I will be using a larger font and larger images, which is why I need submissions to be re size-able and clear as possible. There's much confusion when I request 300dpi. Basically if you set your camera to the highest quality setting, take your photos and send them to me without resizing, that should work fine.
When Magcloud prints the magazines after you order, I notice some pages are darker than others. This is no doing of mine. I've tried to cut back on distractions as far as backgrounds and such but then again, I am a crazy quilting and even "embellishing" the pages are too tempting for me.
The reason I am sharing this info with you instead of just doing whatever I wish is because this magazine is for you, the crazy quilter, fiber artist and I want you to feel free to send your complaints and issues concerning the magazine to me so I can adjust what I can to make it a better publication/tool for you.
 I am not responsible for the quality of the overall printing...I wish I new a magazine publisher who would allow more pages at a better price however I do not. I'm sure one day someone will come along with the right resources and start another crazy quilt themed publication but I hope until then I can gather as much info and eye candy I can fit into 40 pages at a time that interests you. I appreciate your readership and am just amazed at the popularity of the magazine. I see it was much needed and I am happy to continue offering what I can. Alright, nuff said bout that!

I spent some time over the weekend reorganizing the studio we ever stop reorganizing our stash? I don't think so. I found a pair of beautiful curtains in the bag my friend from Michigan, Leslie, had dropped at my back door a few weeks ago. Aren't they sweet?
I laundered and ironed them and hung them in the studio..whoops, I see wrinkles!

I couldn't dare cut into them for a project so now when I look out the windows I'm reminded of a thoughtful friend and smile. (Thanks again Leslie)

Another friend, Jilly, gave me the book shelf on the right for the class studio. I'm moving things around out there and needed more room so I decided to bring it upstairs to my studio and it was perfect for books and things I didn't have the space for. I attached my Delica bead units to the sides of the book case and freed up wall space. This works much better for my project supply gathering.

 I also cleaned out my dye supplies and guess what I found? Five bags of ribbons soaking in dye. Imagine that! Lost ribbons in deep jewel tone colors. Teal, hunter green, deep blue,golden yellow and violet.
Hopefully soon I can share the two Boho Bags with you. Until then, have a great day!

If anyone would like to share photos of their studio for a future issue of Crazy Q Mag, please send them in to Perhaps for the Spring issue to inspire studio organization?


  1. I can see why you didn't want to cut up the drapery panel - the cutwork/stitching is beautiful and it looks great on your window. We are always organizing and re-organizing our "stash" in our studios. Can't stand rummaging around trying to find something - I'd rather spend the time stitching. Change is always good Pat and we will all benefit by any changes you make with the magazine. Look forward to future articles.

  2. Phew! Sounds like you are going to be busier thanever, but, better organised!
    It's so much easier to create when you can find everything you need without having to move boxes of stuff to get to what you want!
    Love the 'lost ribbon' colours, especially the Colours to the left,teals etc.
    I hope you got my card for your birthday and the tiny bits of a gift for you, sorry, it was all I could afford to send....I dream of winning the Lottery and flying over to visit you, then going on a stash building/buying spree LOL!

    As for the magazine, no-one could produce a BETTER CQ publication, that is sincerely my view anyway.

    So, have a great time creating in your newly organised Studio!
    AND make some time for yourself!

    Sandie xx

  3. My goodness - do you have 36 hour days over there in the USA? I am awed by the amount of work you fit into each and every day - truly inspiring.

    You studio is so pretty and those curtains - wow - it's like being transported into bygone times.

    You doing an amazingly - don't forget to take a bit of time - no I mean make some time just for you - to relax and recharge your batteries some times.

  4. I always find tidying to be good Therapy when I need to think about things. Oh Pat, it is always a juggling act between doing what makes us content(creating), and sharing(teaching), with others. I adore the Mag. It is getting even more lovely with each edition.
    I have shown all my firneds and they love it too.

  5. Hope all your changes bring you peace. Nice to meet you : )

  6. A lot of deep thinking-someimes its hard to evaluate the direction we are taking-need to take or want to take. Just glad you're around!! Do you have an internet site for buying trims for the Boho Bags?? I can find some trims but not all..Love your bags-thanks for sharing--(the other) Leslie (K) in Michigan

  7. It's great fun to embiggen pictures to see the details and I fell in like with your CQ's scissors holder - any chance of an article in the magazine on how to create it?

  8. Yes Maggie, I will do an article on the scissors holder perhaps in the Spring 2012 issue!


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