Monday, October 24, 2011

A little teaser for Reen (sorry)

 I am tired of ordering something and when it arrives it is not at all the color shown or described so what is a gal to do???? Dye it herself! Which I did and got the exact results I was hoping for. I dyed Bullion fringe with my eyes, toes and fingers came out beautifully. I then dipped lace and a doily in the dye bath for a few minutes and was pleased as punch with my trims. I prefer custom made anyway :-)
The colors are much softer than the wet dyes drying in the Lilac bush as you can see in the "almost finished" boho.
 After my peaceful beach walk and working a bit in the yard, I felt the need to assemble the newest Boho. I know I've said this with each bag, but I want to keep this one :-)...(no Reen, I wouldn't do that to you)
Tomorrow I will add the finishing touches and off it goes! So gals, you can dye your own Bullion!
I use Procion MX fiber reactive dye !
Sweet dreams!


  1. Just beautiful Pat!!! it really is YOUR color palette!

  2. Beautiful! No other word for it!

  3. Love it ... fabulous colors!! I've never tried dying bullion fringe, Pat. Thank you for paving the way for the rest of us. :-)

  4. Me again, Pat. Bwahahaha! OK... dyeing bullion and not dying. (Let's hope we don't kill it...) Curious as to what type of dye you recommend for DYEING the bullion...

  5. okay I have drooled all over myself and now need to change! This is just gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely stunning . . . Always a joy to see your work. I just might try dyeing some lace next time I need a special color. OR as a mosaic artist maybe I should stick to what I do best! LOL


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