Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just do it! Thank you Zinnia!

I wanted to take a moment and Thank Cristina Zinnia Galliher for the "nudge" to play around with making instructional videos. I've been asked to make some crazy quilt tutorials for a few years and couldn't imagine where to begin so I kept putting it off. I took a video class and loved it. I'm one who needs to see the process instead of just reading about it...(lord knows how I taught myself to CQ,) so I entertained the idea once more, and again lay the idea aside until Zinnia came along that is. I love mixed media and dabbled in it  once or twice and admired Zinnia's work. One day she emailed to ask if I would be interested in doing CQ related videos and her approach was genuine and after I spoke to her on the phone and listened past her words I felt the faith she had in me and then I felt the courage to try seeping in my heart. That evening I had DH get out our video camera and I inspected it, looked at the buttons, removed some smudges then sat it down where it remained for a few months. The thought of making a video intimidated me so much. I shy away from intimidation, you tend to do that when you aren't a very confident person.
Eventually I spoke to my son who is a "Techy" and brilliant (of course) and he assured me I could do it but I might want an updated camera. Well, I had no idea what I needed so a few more months passed, a few more emails of encouragement and helpful offers from Zinnia sat in my email box. I was feeling like a failure without even trying. What was I afraid of? If I tried and failed, at least I would know I couldn't pull it off and that would be that. The more I thought of how wonderful it would be to present projects and instruction in detail on crazy quilting to anyone in the world, as if I were in the room with the viewer, the more excited I became. I had to do it! With the help of my Techy, I invested in a new video camera with a few bells and whistles which I really didn't need but????? I slowly played with it pressing all the wrong buttons until one day I got the nerve to just do it.
  As you may have seen, I shared my first videos and they are pretty bad but I did it. I know I will get better. I'm learning to edit and with my new desktop it is so much faster and more enjoyable.

At the top of my blog under my header you will see my video which Zinnia put together for each artist to show a bit of our work. Zinnia did much more than share this offer with me, she made me step outside my comfort zone and gently pushed me to explore something I never thought I would and I love it. 

So, long story short, I will take part in the 2012 Artful Gathering which is an online summertime adventure. I will be sharing crazy quilting with anyone and everyone interested. I think you should take a look at the offerings, there are many projects to choose from and the eye candy is terribly enticing. So for those of you who have requested that I do online classes, I am......thanks to Zinnia.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM CDT

    Wonderful! You will be great. I appreciated your video on the puzzle pieces- it was clear visually and detail wise. thank you, Jane in MO

  2. I am so delighted you are venturing into video classes and can hardly wait to see what you come up with. When I decided to do so myself several years ago, I didn't know anything about editing etc. It was a challenge but really worthwhile. I hope to see LOTS of videos from you in the future Pat!! Hugs.

  3. At last - well done you - and congratulations on mastering the technology - you are a braver gal than me Gunga Dinn.

    I bet you feel brilliant now don't you?

  4. Go girl!
    This is exciting for us too!
    Looking forward to the 'Techie tutorials'! Well done!

    Now thats' too many exclamation marks I know....!


    Sandie xx

  5. That is great news! Your work is so beautiful and your blog and the CQ magazine is so interesting and fun to read I am sure an online class will be amazing! Can't wait to participate next summer!
    PS - I have taken one of Zinnia's classes on her ning network and LOVED it and her too!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad! And I think you're off on a new adventure too!

  7. Thank you ladies, you warm my heart. I feel this venue will be more affordable and available for many who don't or can't travel.It is the closest thing to a one on one class since I will get to answer your questions along the way. I'm excited and hope to offer what is needed.
    All I ask is that if you see I'm having a bad hair day, you send me chocolate (just kidding)
    Here's to new adventures!

  8. I love Zinnia videos and am glad to see you getting into videos also. Stetch those wings girl! You are very talented and people will love your videos, I'm sure--I know I will.
    Leslie K

  9. This has been a beautiful fall for us also. We took Claire and went hiking Saturday and if weather holds up we'll be doing the same this weekend! Have a great week!

  10. Hello! And congratulations on your new adventure. I am excited to see the story unfold!


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