Friday, October 21, 2011

Gray clouds this morning

Do these clouds send a shiver up your spine? 
 They look so cold don't they? That was my view looking out this morning which kind of made me want to crawl back under the covers. I didn't go back to bed, but I decided to stay in until the sun came out so I worked on some small sewing projects then headed out to run errands. DS has a birthday and I had to pick up a few special things for him. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. I took advantage of the sunshine and ran over to the lighthouse mall near the lake. It wasn't bad at all and I found a really nice jacket at Eddie Bauer and filled the pockets with a dirty green substance "$"(at least that is what I wrote on the card and placed inside the box) so he can buy some computer junk because I have no idea what he could use in that field. I need to pick up his favorite cheesecake so I won't be making a cake which is fine with me. I have been doing so much baking lately.
When I returned home there was "Royal Mail" for me....I just love Royal Mail :-) These treasures are from Lottie from the UK.

She made me a beautiful hanging message center. This will go in my kitchen where I'm always needing paper and pen and it just so happens to match, green! It is something pretty for my kitchen and useful too. Lottie slipped in some vintage postcards that date back to the early 1900's. The pretty Mother card was sent in 1909, and the other two are WW1 cards with something terribly special...they have embroidered silk prints, original silkies! of course these will be displayed and treasured, not sewn into a project. I can't imagine Lottie parting with these but I am honored to know she trusts me to own them. Thank you for continuing my sunny day Lottie!!! Big hugs and smiles to you. I must get busy....gotta wrap a gift! Have a great evening and a super weekend.


  1. I get the best stuff from all your friends. Happy Birthday to John. It's feeling like winter isn't it. It's just in the air. I hear we are going to have a worse winter than last year. I guess I'll be liking for a snow blower instead of art fun stuff-LOL. I'm getting way to old to shovel. Leslie K

  2. Wishing your son a very happy birthday - I laughed out loud at your discription of dollars - I bet he will be so happy with his surprise. Grown up sons just love money to get something they really want don't they - but us mum's do like to give them a 'proper' present to open don't we.

    We have had a lovely Autumnal day here - cold and sunny so I had to slap on the thick sunscreen! Spent a happy day gardening - and now ache for England!

    Glad the parcel arrived safely and thank you so very much for your 52nd birthday Giveaway - you have absolutely no idea how it lifted my spirits after some sad news

    You are a most generous and kind lady and I get so much pleasure from your blog.

  3. Oh, birthdays are fun...and I'm sure the jacket and green stuff were appreciated. The post cards look wonderful, how nice to get to see them each day...and think if your friends out here in cyber-land! Hugs!


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