Monday, October 03, 2011

Experimenting with alcohol ink...again!

I was looking through my acrylic flowers the other night and realized the colors were too bright for a project I was planning so I grabbed my Alcohol Ink and thought I would experiment. These flowers were pale pink and yellow before ink was applied.I used a cotton pad instead of a brush because I didn't want to haul out all the supplies so these are smudged but with alcohol ink, you can easily fix that which I will do today. The colors are much nicer and I may use more acrylic in the future!

When my friend Jan Obertein was heading to AZ last week with her hubby for the Winter months, she stopped to drop off a birthday package because they pass the Chesterton exit. I felt very privileged to have the chance to say goodbye in person. Not only is Jan a wonderful crazy quilter/china painter but she also works with paper and makes the sweetest things. Using a bird theme she dressed up some files and a book of folders which I am thrilled with. Her soft colors make it so pretty. I have a nice collection of her work. Thank you Jan!!!!! Elizabeth Woodford sent me some pieces of her sun printed cloth. It is so pretty and I will use it in my CQ. Thank you Elizabeth!!!!! Terri Takacs, my bud from CT made these butterflies on her embroidery machine. I saw one on her project which won a ribbon a few months ago and loved it but wouldn't dare ask for one. To my surprise she tucked two of them in my birthday gift. I will have to think long and hard as to what project they will be used for. Thank you Terri!!!!! Last night I began to clean and organize my picture files. With this new computer, I can do it in no time. I haven't had a desktop in a long time and I am getting spoiled with the speed of this one. It will be so much more enjoyable working on the magazine and perhaps I will catch more mistakes with this 27" monitor instead of a 15" laptop screen! (hope so anyway) Thanks Ed!!!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it was a wonderful day (weekend) which I enjoyed to the max.

The Boho, puzzle piece, and prize for Lottie are all mailed, the house is clean, and I am settling down to work on a little Inner child doll that didn't get finished last night. The sun is shining and I may take a beach walk later. I hope you have a great day!


  1. What very talented friends you have - wonderful to see their work. Love your idea of painting the acrylic flowers and leaves - doesn't it make a huge difference.

    Hope you get to do some heach combing today - I can just picture you there.

    Today is hot to - too hot - we've had an exhausting draught and heatwave for weeks - the hottest on record, so we are looking forward to some cooler weather from now on.

    Thank you so very much for my surprise - I'll be looking forward to the post lady visiting. I feel very spoiled

  2. What a great idea to use alcohol ink Pat! I used H20 paint years ago for the leaves on my autumn hydrangea block on white pearl acrylic leaves and the outcome wasn't exactly what I wanted but it turned out surprisingly different. It's great to experiments with materials don't you think! I love the colors you got for your flowers and leaves! I love acrylics. By the way, coincidently I watched a video this morning on Youtube about plastic and had to think of you because of your love for beach combing. You have to see this talk, it's so nice and typically something for you, I think!

    Enjoy today and happy creating!

  3. what beautiful leaves and butterfly,do you know what software she used for the butterfly,I have an older brother embroidery machine and would love to try that......hope you had a great birthday....found a great bead shop in ortonville michigan,it is "Glass With Class" and she has everything imaginable,she also has 'Italian Mesh ribbon',it is not the tube type and wondering isf I can use it for spider webs and moth wings,never heard of it until I saw it there,her name is Theresa and she seems to be a great person to deal with.

  4. Terri's butterfly is amazing!!!! Wow!! that must be some amazing sewing machine!!! SO glad that you like the little bits of sun prints that I sent you!!
    Hugs dear friend!!


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