Monday, October 17, 2011

Close up photos of Gypsy Garden Boho

I'm hoping this old version of blogger allows you to see a better close up. With crazy quilting , it is really all about the embellishments, so I took more pics to share for those who were frustrated about not being able to enlarge photos :-)
I showed Liz already, so I can freely share that this was made for Liz of "Gypsy Feather" etsy shop. She is a delightful woman with a generous and kind heart and I wanted to repay her kindness in way of something from my heart and hands. Liz had sent a lot of the fabrics in this bag just out of the blue, her favorite was a Scalamandre Silk which was very colorful on the underside which is what I used in the bag, and very time worn and aged (beautifully I might ad) on the right side. That was my inspiration piece. Then I chose this image which reminded me of a gypsy lady enjoying her Autumn garden, being that Liz's shop was named "Gypsy Feather." I hoped the whole time this would suit her fancy and it does she said.  So anyway, on to the photos............
The front panel under flap (not embellished yet) 
 The back of bag (I love this textured upholstery fabric)

 Flap details

Scalamandre Silk (above, the print fabric)
Shell leaf buttons with pearl center flowers
 Loopy and ostrich trim, beaded trim and a corkscrew trim
 I had to slip a dragonfly in there somewhere. This is one from Flights of Fancy.

I'll send a finished pic when ready. I'm taking the day off to spend antiquing for laces with mom in LaPorte...then a nice lunch and back home to finish the Gypsy Garden! Have a great day!
Just a heads up on this sweet pink stash collection at Gypsyfeather!


  1. This takes my breath away. It's wonderful to see the slideshow of enlarged photos - and to see everything in such great detail. I'll be popping back to this post when I get started on my first piece - to see how you have made flowers out of the individual leaf shapes - the roses with silk ribbon, and my favourites the gorgeous spider and dragonfly - and all the detailed embroidery and embellishments too.

    (contented sigh) Magical

    Enjoy your day out

  2. Thanks so much for sharing "close ups" Pat! This turned out beautifully.

  3. So many goodies and great work x

  4. This is gorgeous Pat - so love those fabrics and how you have enhanced them all- going right over to her shop now!

  5. Oh, be still my beating heart!!!!
    More gorgeous photos! Amazing ... simply amazing ... and it's mine! I love EVERYTHING about my Boho Bag, Pat ... every fabulous detail! I am honored beyond words to receive such a gorgeous work of art from the beautiful and super talented Pat Winter! Talk about kindness and generosity ... what a delightful surprise! Christmas in October!
    I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting!!

  6. OMG Pat! Your work is mind blowing! Absolutely stunning! Hugs, Pam


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