Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Beautiful Autumn day

The weather has turned for the better. Our Autumn days start out cool and sometimes with a little frost but the sun pops out and warms everything up.....including my sandals I keep on the front porch. I stepped into them this morning and it felt wonderful and for a moment I imagined it was the beginning of summer, not the end. I worked a few hours on vacuuming the pool...yes, I am the optimistic one who thought I would have at least another month to swim but I haven't been in it in three weeks. Next year it will be closed on Labor day when all public pools close. I guess there is a reason for that,LOL. We had huge rainy wind storms last week and the pool received about two bushels of leaves.....I had a wonderful time today (me being sarcastic.) We will close it tomorrow evening and that will be that.
I did get the other Inner Child doll finished...sorry for the blurred picture. Birthday greetings continue to arrive. Let me share what I've had to put up with all my life. My brothers send beautiful, thoughtful cards....... encouraging me to think warmly of them..until I open them.....LOL! Yep, that is what I get. This year it was an actual brand new penny! I just need to sit and think about where I should spend it, should I spend it all at once, in the same store....etc.
Thank goodness for friends right? LOL.
I opened Sandra Bailey's card from England (don't you get excited to receive Royal mail ?) and loot fell in my lap! Just look at all these fun embellishments. I'll be stitching them onto many projects! Thank you Sandie, that was a sweet surprise. I also received a card from Wendy Shu in Singapore. Wendy tatted around this delicate embroidered hankie. Purple made her think of me...I'm so glad the hankie had purple in it,LOL. I've never seen that tatting design. It is very beautiful. Thank you Wendy, I love it.

Aside from being spoiled and laying around eating bon bons, I have a few more puzzle pieces to finish up then I will continue working on the other two Boho bags before I retire that project for a while. I have gathered silk ribbon sets for etsy and hope to get some more things added this week because my schedule has opened up and I don't plan on filling it again. I'm just going to work on the magazine and create, so watch for some up coming eye candy!!!!
Hope your day was a good one and tomorrow even better!


  1. Hi Pat, we have had a mini heatwave here in England which is just on the change we are expecting a lot of rain by the weekend and it is much colder. Lovely surprises from your friendy bloggers, are you like my daughter who celebrates her birthday for two weeks at least?

  2. ~*I love the humor that you and your family have!*~
    So cute!
    I hope you spend that penny, all in one place!

    The doll you made for me is a cutie!
    Thank you Pat! "I am here to help!"

  3. What fabulous dolls and great cards - and nice surprises - I am sure there will be more to come - it's nice getting them spread out. Makes your birthday last longer

  4. Shame to me not to have commented since so for a long time your pages because there is so candy for eyes! Your bag Boho is some more beautiful than the others and he delays me having time to make one!
    I am happy to read to you so bad because you deserve him a lot!

    Beautiful day Pat

  5. Happy belated birthday, Pat!! What fun to receive birthday greetings and surprises from near and far. Your brothers are a hoot ... and it makes me smile to read of all the fun times you have with your mom. You are truly blessed!

    PS: Still loving my Inner Child Doll!


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