Friday, October 07, 2011

Beach walk and Play date!

Yesterday I ventured to the beach.It wasn't quite daylight when I left home. Along the lake it was cool and calm and the sun hadn't quite made it above the dunes and trees. I walked to the Pink house and turned around. I was more interested in the water ripples than searching for mermaid tears. Trillions of tiny ripples across the lake was mesmerizing. As I started home I saw this beautiful bush. I had never seen one in bloom before. I had to stop for a picture. These are the tumbleweed-type things you see along the lakefront rolling in the wind.My found treasures were not many but the stroll was much needed and satisfied my soul. I decided to stop at mom's to pick up a gift from my youngest brother...his delicious beef jerky he makes twice a year...birthday and Christmas :-) Yum! I didn't stay for a visit because mom has a flu bug :-( On my way home I spotted this fella pretending to be a stop sigh or something. When I arrived home I thought I would share what I did with my beautiful spider from Kathy Shaw. I hung it in my car for a while then I will hang it in my studio and perhaps add a pin back to wear on a sweater. It is just too beautiful to not display.
My bud Dawn will be arriving soon and we have planned a dye day. Silk ribbons will be dipped and dyed and hung to dry. I hope you are having a beautiful day. It is another gorgeous day in the 70's with plenty of sun to spare...if you need some :-)

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  1. A chilly damp autumnal day today - I have read your posts backwards - now that I have seen these beautiful photos of the lake, I can see where you got the inspiration for the colours of your dyed silk - perfect.


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