Friday, September 16, 2011

Sun printing for lace fabric......oh Elizabeth!

As if I don't have enough to keep me busy, my friend Elizabeth, a mixed media artist and crazy quilter has revealed her play day results using the sun printing technique and when I saw her lace fabric my jaw dropped. I am in love!!!! can you imagine using that fabric for crazy quilting? It can be used in place of layering lace over plain fabric. You must go check out her other pretties!
Oh geez Louise! I am still squealing. You know what is in my future! Thanks Elizabeth, now do you have a good source for housekeepers and cooks? I won't have any time left for my domestic tasks!


  1. Goodmorning Pat,
    The trip to Michigan looked like a lot of fun. So happy to see your Mom able to enjoy time with you.
    The sun printing is so much fun... Our fibre art group has that on the list for the next meeting.I have done it before and it is such a wonder what happens with it.
    I smiled as I read about things slowing down.....
    Here I am in my sunset years and NO! things are as busy as ever. I have to consult my daily planner before making commitments....VBG
    There are so many things I want to explore... every day a new experience and I always look to the man upstairs and say a little prayer of thanks. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and things to do..
    Have a good day and take care of that back!

  2. Oh what gorgeous fabric! Looks like a good subject for a magazine article...hint, hint!

  3. That is sure a really beautiful technique! Wow!

  4. That is really beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous indeed! The more I see of sun printing the more I NEED to try it for myself. This is just added incentive!

  6. You are too sweet!!! Just so you know I ahve already given up my domestic tasks, except when the guilt overwhelms me!!!! I ahve become really good at having many things going at once but often can't remember My kids names!!!!HA HA!!!
    I am going to sned you a piece of this lace fabric so you can play with it. Ia m also posting some to my ETSY shop and I will let you know when so maybe you can add a link! If you want an article, I can write one- it will be shorter than the Fabric/Paper!! the sun is not out today BOO HOOO! so no sunprinting today- perhaps a domestic chore????? Nah!!! I can find something to do!!!


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