Friday, September 09, 2011

A rainy day just perfect for making ?

It is rainy and cool outside as you can see (don't look at my dead hanging petunia basket) so I set out to make some....take a guess.... CHICKEN SOUP! I know your first thought...why is Pat using a red check country tablecloth? LOL. That is my picnic cloth I drug out of the Hoosier cabinet because it has the "chicken soup" look for my little vignette. Then I grabbed one of the wooden chickens mom thought I needed, I have no idea but have grown to love them on top of the Hoosier along with my soup tureen given to us as a wedding gift from one of John's aunts. Alright, back to the chicken soup. My chicken soup is made with several short cuts. I buy a rotisserie chicken, College Inn Bold stock (more flavor) and add lots of carrots along with a few secret seasonings and either white wine or sherry. As the stock boils I slice carrots which add a bit of color to such a bland looking dish. I remember when mom would make her own egg noodles in her large yellow glass bowl. I watched her endlessly beat a well of eggs floating atop a bowl of flour until it was incorporated and magically turned into a dough. I can't imagine how her hand must have ached after an hour of mixing each batch. I loved seeing noodles drying everywhere throughout the kitchen. Hanging from overturned bowls and towel covered appliances. The taste was like none other. The Amish come close but not quite a "Mom" noodle. I use Reames frozen egg noodles because they have the same consistency as mom's had, and because I usually buy a pre-cooked chicken I buy a stock instead of making my own (85% of the time.) Anyway as Rachael would say,"That's whats for dinner tonight!" Have a great day!


  1. Perfect dinner for a cool day.... Sounds yummy

  2. I still do make egg noodles. I cook them with less liquid for soup part and it makes a nice noodle dish. I make them for the holiday gatherings or my siblings wouldn't let me come, lol. My grandma made them when she was alive, now it is me.

  3. There is nothing better than "home made chicken noodle soup:, your recipe is perfect!!! Am sure you enjoyed the "perfect meal"...hugs

  4. Yum! Great dinner for a cool day. I've sent you a couple of e-mails Pat and wondering if they are going into spam - can you e-mail me!? Thx.

  5. Yum! I'm looking forward to more of these kinds of meals as it cools down around here in Wyoming. Diane

  6. That sounds so good right now! There's nothing better than home made soup when it gets cool outside! ♥


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