Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photoshop play

I took this picture this morning and sat on the porch with Angell and played with Photoshop.
 I do believe you should "Grow where you are planted" and make your home where you would want to hang your heart. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Elizabeth W.....I'm sending sunshine your way today, so get out your sun printing supplies :-)
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Pat-I received your beautiful package of fabrics and trims yesterday. What yummy colors. I really love the
    package and am so happy to have won this prize! thank you so much!!

  2. Oh this is stunnng - I do so admire anyone who can change images with photoshop and other digital packages - it's a lovely creation.

  3. Thanks for sending the sun!! Hopefully the weather people will be wrong and we will have sun tomorrow- none today!! It has to come out eventually!!!!

  4. So pretty and clever! Missed blogging about lately, so catching up here. Really enjoyed your video happy to have those to refer back to when my muse decides to reappear...been very elusive for months now. Thank you for sharing beauty and talent from your lovely abode! ~ Angela


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