Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Perennials and puzzle piece

I planted a few new Perennials along the back deck. This time of year I miss color so I thought I would plant a few new plants. My favorite is the Toad Lily. It is quite an amazing little piece of nature. Such detail packed into such a tiny bloom.

The size of my thumb!

I also bought a Windflower, Asters, grasses, and a few others which I will share on my gardening blog tomorrow. I've been working in the yard quite a lot and slowly making progress.The weather is just perfect, sunny and 70's. Great for biking, gardening, and even floating :-) I mopped the front porch and added a large planted pot for color. I'm ready for swinging and stitching! I need to whip up a few more cq puzzles to swap so that will be a nice front porch project.  This is the one with the image of the little girl catching a crab is from the video..I will add it to the swap group this evening.

It has been such a pleasant day with the doors open and the cool breeze blowing through the house. I got a lot accomplished including getting to talk to a dear friend on the phone, run to the vet for a stronger arthritis pill for Angell, stop at the bead shop and have a little visit with Ellen this afternoon. The last few days of summer have been blissful. I hope it continues through autumn.....................


  1. My toad lilies are about to burst open !! I really look forward to them each year and they self seed- which I love!! Send some of that cool and sunny weather our way if you would!! No sun = no sunprints :(

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. Diane

  3. Ah...peace and harmony!

  4. Love that puzzle piece! Is this an ongoing swap or do you have a deadline? Connie


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