Sunday, September 18, 2011

Morning sky

 This morning the sky was beautiful at 6:30 so I ran off to the beach :-) 

The air was cool and the water was calm. The sky was bright then the clouds came rolling in......

As I walked closer to the shoreline I saw a small dune had formed. I haven't seen that in a long time.

 I wasn't too far when I felt sprinkles. I wished I had grabbed my sweatshirt or hoodie because I was beginning to chill. I only walked for 35 mins or so before turning around. This was my treasure for today.

I stopped for a Vanilla Cappuccino for mom and a Raspberry Caramel Latte at the gas station to warm my bones and chatted a bit with the attendant. She said she collects sea glass too and is going to be in her first show today in Portage selling her wire wrapped glass jewelry. If I had known about it I would have planned an outing with a friend. It was interesting talking to her about how we collect and what draws us to do so. I gathered my coffees, bid farewell and headed to moms for a little morning visit. Her hip has been sore and she said to give her another week before a beach jaunt. With Winter heading toward us so quickly I just decided to get in my beach days while I could.
DH went to watch football with his mom and I'm going to cook spaghetti and sew for the rest of the day. The Wizard of Oz fest is going on in town so I'm staying away from that crowd. Been there done that! When DS was small we took him each year. I made him the cowardly lion costume for the contest one year and he (we) won!!!!! I will have to dig up some old photos. I was shocked because I'm not a sewer and do not like to sew clothing but it was cute and he had his puppy dressed as a flying monkey that he pulled in his red flyer wagon. Oh the good ole days........................
I hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Hi Pat,
    Your morning jaunt looked so peaceful and what a gorgeous sky.... I am so jealous of your sea glass. Whenever we go to the lake I paddle along and last time found ONE piece!! VBG Guess the mermaids aren't crying "tears" in my lake!!!!Oh well it is fun to look...
    Have a great day

  2. I love your pictures. Every time I go to the beach I think about your beach glass.. and I just have to go on a treasure hunt for some!

  3. You must have all the sea glass in your lake! I went to the East coast in Lincolnshire and didn't find one bit!
    One day....

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  4. Glad you got in some beach time and found some beautiful treasures. I love it when a chance conversation turns into something that just brightens up your day like the attendant. Diane

  5. Hope your mom's hip is better soon - what a fabulous time on the beach and a great haul

    Love the story about your son in his costume - would love to see it


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