Thursday, September 15, 2011

Michigan trip was wonderful!

I've been unbelievably busy since I returned from my little jaunt to MI with mom on Tuesday. I often reflect on the days when I had a little fella underfoot and I was taking him to the park, movies, to lunch, birthday parties, library events, etc and would think...ahhhhh one day things will slow down, just enjoy these days. Well, I am glad I did enjoy those days, but things did not slow down. What happened? I know this isn't just happening to me...fess up ladies. Does it ever slow down? Do I want it to slow down? I'm not sure.Anyway, with mom as my co-pilot, we headed North and our first stop was Lemon Creek fabrics for another piece of that beautiful floral coral fabric I bought with my Boho class. Jan and I both fell in love with it and it was unusual because we are pastel gals. It is just so pretty and they had it in green so I had to get some of that also. Then the trims, and some heavier fabrics for backs of the Boho bags, then I spotted some....oh well, you know how it goes when you are in a fabric shop with luscious fabrics surrounding you. Mom took her usual seat and pointed out various fabrics not realizing I was trying to concentrate so I would just reply now and again so she thought I was a actually listening.....I know, shame on me. I started talking to John, the owner and before I knew it I had paid and was out the door before realizing I had no pictures to share. Mom wanted to go back in but I said no, another time. There will be another time I'm sure :-)

On our way back to Red Arrow highway we stopped at an Antique shop which I had been dying to browse. This time I fished my camera out of my Boho bag.There were several buildings that made up "Shawnee Road Antiques," and the first one was filled with smaller collectibles such as this gorgeous velvet hat....can you imagine the control I had to not pluck off those beautiful velvet millinery bits? (I am kidding, I would never do that I hope you know) Mom found a seat by a lamp she admired. The owners are Marsha and Ted and I took a picture but it was so blurry I opted not to share. They are lovely people and I didn't want to present them "fuzzy." Marsha mentioned "outhouse" and I immediately had to check it out firsthand if you know what I mean? I didn't expect to find this sweet Victorian "potty" behind the buildings. It was such a treat to use the facilities. This was the second outhouse I had the pleasure to ........admire. Mom needed to "admire" it too and I caught her on her way out,LOL. SURPRISE! You have to see the lighting.....a beautiful chandelier! After that experience I almost forgot I was there to browse antiques so off to the big building.... There is a cabinet in this building that I almost bought. Sometimes I wish I didn't have such will power to walk away. I make myself visualize where I would put something before I buy these days. My home is filled after 30 years of collecting. This cabinet had several wide drawers for laces, appliques, threads, or whatever you would want to lay out in a single layer. I'm still contemplating where I would put it. It is a beautiful piece of furniture for my studio and I would use it, but my walls don't expand and I am having trouble persuading myself to just toss out some things and get it. Oh what is a gal to do?

We headed to St. Joe for lunch. The streets in town are speckled with decorated farm animals. I had to snap the mosaic covered cow and a kind gentleman took our picture. Busted! Kilwins was calling our name............P...a...t......L...o...i...s......Mom wanted Chinese so we stopped at Chan's for take out and headed toward the park area. We wanted to sit on the swing that we enjoyed with dad 11 years ago but it was too windy. We then tried a pavilion......... hoping we would be wind free however that wasn't the case so I opened the moon roof and we ate in the car....or tried to eat. Our meals were too salty so we had a tiny bite of fudge and headed home. It was a good thing we aren't "foodies." The last time we ate there it was great...must be a different cook.
On the way home we stopped at an outdoor flower/veggie market and bought a few more perennials for moms new garden. All in all it was a fun day away and the weather really was perfect except for the wind along the lake.

When I arrived home there was a surprise from my friend Leslie who lives in MI. She had dropped off a large bag of vintage fabrics and laces. Now how fun is that? That was so sweet of her to think of me...thank you Leslie! I wish I would have been home :-(
I will launder them in my lavender soap and enjoy creating with them. (hugs)

Yesterday I dyed a few silk ribbons.......then tore into my garden whacking weeds and pulling fern. Or was I pulling weeds and whacking fern? I don't know but I barely made a dent in the clean up stage. I was going to get back in there this afternoon but I gave my MIL a perm with a terribly sore back. I woke up barely able to put my feet on the floor so I popped some pills and that didn't do the job so I slapped on a sticky heating pad and after 20 minutes I could bend again. I decided to rest the rest of the day so I will get back in there in the morning. I was going to finish the coral Boho this evening but my MIL wanted to show her Bridge group tomorrow so.....I'm going to be a couch potato tonight.
So, enough about me, what are you up to?


  1. Sounds like you both had a nice day, isn't it fun to just take your time and browse!

  2. Anonymous6:43 PM CDT

    Good heavens, Pat. You made me tired just reading you busy day!! Your mom must be made of steel-LOL. I'm glad you had a great day and the laces are beautiful--the "other" Leslie (K)

  3. I happy your Mom is doing so good Pat, and that you have your co-pilot back! Sounds like a fantastic visit to our state, some places sound like they'll have to go on my to do list!

  4. What a lovely trip and lovely memory with your Mom. I loved this post!

  5. What a great trip you had with your Mom. I don't think life is ever going to slow down, I'm busier now than I've ever been. A few more kits to finish then I can start on my Boho bag. I want it done to take to Knitting and Stitching in London.
    I just need 48 hour days please.
    Loved reading about your trip.
    Hugs, Angela.

  6. I grew up using an outhouse, but it certainly didn't look like that one! Sounds like you had a lovely day.


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