Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Michigan bound..........Reader's Boho bag to share.

I'm Michigan bound this morning! I'm picking up mom in about an hour and heading to Michigan today. I'm not sure what our destination will be.....St. Joe....Watervliet.....you never know once we cross over the state line. Something magical happens and we seem to be in another world. All I know is mom has been wanting to go back and I haven't been able to plan a free day for it until today.
Yesterday was a beautiful day and it looks like today will be a duplicate. I need to be cleaning out the fern in the garden and cutting things down but I guess I can put that off a bit longer. I walked around the garden yesterday and didn't recognize it. It looked like the garden in the movie, "Secret Garden," before the little girl discovered it. Overgrown roses, fern in the pathways, dead leaves littering the brick patio area, it is pitiful. For the first time I'm ashamed of it. This year was so hot, humid, and rainy that I didn't tend to it often. I missed that and hope to reclaim it next spring. There is only so much one person can do I guess.

As you may have noticed lately, my muse has left me again. I imagine she is curled up somewhere sleeping. I can't seem to finish the coral Boho bag. Perhaps a trip to Lemon Creek will inspire her to return?
I've been meaning to share a Boho bag and matching notepad from Kathy Hoeppner. Kathy doesn't have a blog but I had to share this with you so I got her permission to do so. She is a Crazy Quilt Gathering reader and blog reader and was inspired by the Boho bags and created this unique Boho set. Isn't it a beauty? Guess what she used for the back? Jeans! Love it! She made a matching notepad. Now that is inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing Kathy.
I hope my muse reads this post :-) I had better get cleaned up. I will share our adventure with you tomorrow.....hopefully it will be interesting but one never knows. We always have fun together so I'm sure there is something awaiting us worth sharing. Until then have a great day!


  1. Hi Pat
    Have a wonderful day with your Mom...It will be a special time shared to cherish....I miss those days...
    Now I am off to spend the day with a friend, first lunch then a beading class ,Some time to shop too.. Never a dull moment!

  2. Hi Pat,
    Have a wonderful day with your Mom. The gardening and cleaning will easily wait until another day.
    Smiles across the miles, Angela.

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM CDT

    Pat..Hope you and Mom have a wonderful day together..I know you will! Beautiful morning here in Michigan Enjoy this weather..and yes..the garden can wait til another day!
    Thankyou for sharing Kathys bag..it is beautiful..Love the jeans ;o)
    Look forward to reading about your venture today..Warm Regards,

  4. HAve a wonderful day in Michigan!!! Hugs to your mom!! I know exactly what you mean about the garden!! I need to be cutting and planning for a better garden year for next year!!
    Kathy's bag/notebook set is wonderful - love the jeans idea !!! See how you inspire everyone!!!

  5. Have a great time. The weeds will be there when you get back. Diane


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