Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making sunshine on a rainy day

We had such a fun day! I picked mom up at 9:30 and we headed to Goodwill for a quick browse. On the way out the door I found a very neat shabby chic photo of roses (picture soon) in a 36 inch long white chippy frame. Next we stopped at Target because they are the only ones around who carry my Gold Peak green tea. We wandered around a bit then went to Marshall's but didn't find anything exciting. We decided to make it an early lunch to beat the crowd at Panera but we were too late. Apparently 11:30 is the new 12:30??? So we opted for Chili's instead where we both ordered the grilled chicken breast with honey mustard....after we ordered we decided to try for the 12:10 showing of "The Help." OMG! It was so good. Grab your mom, sister, friend, daughter, aunt, etc and go see this movie.....and don't forget a box of tissues too. I wanted to pinch Hilly until she was black and blue!!!!!! I could not have dealt with those women in the 60's, I would have done more than make them a special choc cake! (I could go on about the topic but I don't want to give anything away) It was a perfect movie for this rainy day.
The rain let up then poured as we got into the car so we headed home. Mom was yawning which made me yawn so we thought curling up in our favorite chairs with a hot beverage would round out the afternoon quite well, and it did. I just made a cup of Mocha peppermint coffee and I'm going to sit in my chair for a bit before continuing to stitch the Boho bag....oh, you want to see it?
No, I couldn't do that......show a sneak peek ?.......sorry, that just wouldn't be fair to the person receiving it....that would just be wrong.....something I would never...............ever.....ever do! So don't ask :-)
I'm sinking into my comfy chair with my hot coffee and vegging out for a while. Enjoy your evening and as soon as you can, go see THE HELP!


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful day with your mom. I've heard really good things about that movie. I should take my mom to see it.

  2. Your day sounds wonderful!!

    I will have to go see "The Help"

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  3. I so want to see this movie! cant wait. Your work is so lovely Pat and the video was done very well. Have fun! Pearl

  4. Now that sounds like my kind of day. Your Boho photos are gorgeous.

  5. WOW!!!! Your sneak peeks are gorgeous!! And the movie and visit with your Mom sounds wonderful! Isn't it nice to have a perfectly lovely day! Oh, perhaps your spiders will arrive tomorrow!

    :oD I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    You are SO gifted!

    I'm going to say that your blog post inspired a warm and cozy feeling in my heart!

    I feel this calm peace, imagining what a nice day like yours would feel like.

    Cozy chairs are nice for napping!


  7. Hello Pat,
    What a lovely day you had with your Mom. I'll put that film on my must see list.
    I love to see you stitching, the bag will be gorgeous.
    Hugs, Angela.

  8. Hi Pat, Lovely day with your Mom, treasure them they are very precious. The Boho bag looks wonderful.

  9. It sounds like a wonderful day, Pat.
    Hugs, Diane

  10. Glorious Sneak Peeks!!! I do want to see the Help, want to finish the book first!!! So glad to hear that you had a fun day!!

  11. Love those sneak peeks! Looks like another gorgeous creation, Pat. Thanks for sharing your nice day.

  12. I am drooling over the Boho bag you are working on. Those delicious colours, greens and pinks, and all those stunning embellishments...... sigh.


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