Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting it done

I had a restless night so I got up at 3:00 and decided to finish one of the Boho bag flaps. I'm working in pink so it is as enticing as working with purple. I hate to admit that I put my other project aside to finish this one. Sometimes you just have to let your muse choose the project. My muse has been terribly stubborn these days so I let her take over. Besides, I'm miserable without her.
Do any of you feel lost when you aren't creating or have some sort of project(s) in the works? I feel useless if I don't have a project in hand. I use crazy quilting as a bribe to get housework, cooking and such finished. If I do what I am supposed to do, I can do what I want to do. Kind of like having desert, only with no calories to deal with :-)
I'm spending the day with mom and possibly might see a movie. I want to see, "The Help." I think mom would enjoy it too. I think we will start out browsing the Goodwill in Valpo then hit Target, Barnes& Noble, and possibly Marshall's before having lunch at Panera Bread (Broccoli cheese soup, french baguette and Iced green tea...yummo!) That way we will be too full for a sweet snack at the movie.
It is dark out but has been raining all night so I assume it will be an ugly day...just right for
shopping and a movie.I will share the newest Boho soon! Have a great day!


  1. Did I tell you that I love your header? It sounds like a wonderful day you have planned. I hope you like The Help. I read the book and loved it. You're so blessed to have your MIL for a friend and that you call her Mom. I bet she loves that. Diane

  2. Oh...did you say pink!!?? Sounds like a super day ya'll have planned. And lunch sounds divine!!


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