Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another day at the beach

When I awoke this morning I instantly knew it was a beach morning. Calm waters ahead..... Lets take this path today. We made it to the shore.....What is this I found? A beautiful feather... It must belong to one of these guys........or perhaps one of these gals taking a peaceful swim. I got a lot of exercise bending over to pick up all of these mermaid tears. Yes, it was a fruitful beach stroll this morning but I would give all my findings if mom could have joined me. My beach ventures are losing their blissful feeling without my beach buddy. I'm going to try my best to get her feet in the sand this week now that the mornings are cool.
When I returned homw this beauty was waiting for me by the door. I had my fill of beauty and serenity today.


  1. Hi Pat,
    Your day looked wonderful. So much beauty all around.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely times. The butterfly is awesome....
    My day was awesome in another way... celebrating our 57th wedding anniversary.... sigh.... how can it be when I am still 40 in my head!!! VBG


  2. The beach and the water and treasures really do feed the soul! i hope that your Mum can be with you next time!!!
    Love the beautiful glass and the blue pottery shard. Nice pebbly texture on that one clear piece!!!

  3. Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with his feathers.....I have always thought when you find a feather you are being watched over.

  4. Your visits to the beach are such a breath of fresh air to me. We live in landlocked Wyoming and love the Bighorn mountains, they're our healing place, but that water.....oh, that water looks wonderful. Beautiful treasures you found. Blessings, Diane

  5. Soak it up, Pat! Soon....too cold for the beach! I know you'll miss it!

    Hugs, Diane

  6. What a nice post. I love going to the beach, just didn't do it enough this summer. Have a wonderful week.


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