Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pre Published PDF of Autumn issue on etsy(revised)

Purchase the PDF version in my etsy shop now.
You will not be downloading a copy after purchase, I will send it to you as soon as I can. I check email throughout the day and thank you for your patience. I only put 10 issues up at a time so I can accommodate you in a timely manner.

For those of you who purchase the PDF version of Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine, I have listed a pre published PDF version in my etsy shop. It is the full 40 page PDF issue. If you enjoy being first to peruse a magazine before it is available for publishing, you can do so now.
The paper and PDF version will be released for purchase on Monday Aug 29th.
Click here for purchase now....Payment though PayPal only please and you must provide your email addy for delivery which I will send to you, no download from Etsy.

If you share your opinion (good or bad) of this issue with me by email, your name will be tossed in the hat for a drawing to receive a free PDF Winter issue.


  1. But, but ....I went and it's not there (or at least I might be blind???). Help???

  2. Such a lush and beautiful cover Pat. Diane

  3. I could not find it either!

  4. So I am confused !! When can we purchase our hard copy thru Mag Cloud??? Not till Sept 29th???? Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It's there now - can't wait to read it and I will be getting the paper copy when it's available too. Yay!!

  6. Sorry ladies. I messed up because my brain is still digging dirt, spreading mulch and planting flowers....its been a long day for me.....yawn...I hope Angell sleep tonight. :-)

  7. Pat...
    Here I am wondering about downloading the digital copy of the magazine?
    I bought it but nowhere cam I see"download"
    HELP...... again! VBG

  8. I purchased it also but can't find how to download it.

  9. I love your new magazine it is like reading heaven for crazies! Darlene


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