Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm baaaaaaack.

The trims are dry and the colors are perfect! Sometimes you never know what you will get when you don't use a dye formula which I just can't bring myself to do,LOL. So, this is what I will use on this BOHO. I told you it takes a lot of trims but trust me, the trims really do make the bag...aside from the CQ flap.
~A hopefully helpful hint.... When you are choosing your supplies, remember to ask yourself if you would want it used on a bag for yourself. If not...pass on it, especially the trims. If they aren't up to par, donate them or give them to the kids to play with. They will waste your time contemplating their use. Using torn or ragged laces and crochet gives the bag even more appeal.
That is my method for everything I make.

This one will be fun to work on.....heck, they are all fun to work on! I will keep you posted as I progress.


  1. well,I am collecting "stuff" for a boho bag or two or three,start with one....thank you for the wonderful layout in "gatherings" magazine,I ordered the pdf. file and ordered the magazine from magcloud and will get two copies from Tisha...thank you for all the inspiration,the magazines seem to be getting better with each issue....
    kathleen klein

  2. Can't wait to see it....I love the gypsy one.....

  3. Ouch! Dang it, that Boho Bug just bit me! I've been really trying to avoid him, as I have tons of things to do, but when I wasn't looking...he came out of nowhere and nailed me!! Perhaps after this family wedding next week...I'll have time to indulge!! You have started a movement!!


  4. I am going to be using some of my dyed laces for my next one!! i am finishing up the one that was started for the article in the latest magazine, now that I can talk about it on my blog!! the current issue is Magnificent My Dear!!! You are a wonder!!!!

  5. Oh Pat! What have you started? LOL!
    I think the colours could be described as, Berry and Dark Berry, maybe because of all the berries I've been preserving with lately!
    If my hands aren't stained with berry/fruit juice, it's tomatoes LOL!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sandie xx


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