Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flower Power day!

Around 9:00 I'm going to pick mom up and take the scenic route through the winding country roads to a nursery in LaPorte. I can't wait to watch mom choose her perennials for her new flower beds. She will be like a kid in a candy shop. I secretly reserved five assorted Butterfly bushes to border the back and I'm looking forward to seeing what all they have. I get my "Filipeudala rubra" start today too! This will be our destination... Looks a little spooky doesn't it? I love it! I would love a tour but of course would never ask...I'll just be sending the owner strong messages telepathically,LOL. I love old homes and the comforting feeling you get as you step through the door. The owner is Becki Connors (not from the Rosanne show) This huge Bottle Brush bush (say that three times fast) at the end of her driveway proves to me this lady has a green thumb. I met her at the European Market a few weeks ago and she is very nice......naturally, she is a gardener! After we fill the car with pretties I think we should go have brunch before planting. I will take my camera in hopes of getting some nice pics to share. I hope you have a fun filled day too!


  1. Looking forward to your nextposting!

    Sandie xx

  2. what a neat house,when i was younger,i always wanted to restore a home like that,but not now,i would have to do most of the work myself and that doesnt work with the shoulders anymore.....Tisha's house is all stone,and it is as beautiful inside as outside...have a great visit with your mom,she is surely going to have a smile on her face-kathleen

  3. I just read up on Queen of the Prairie!!! What a lovely plant- not sure that it would be at all happy here with our clay soil so i will have to enjoy your plant along with you!!!! thanks so much for the education!! Have a wonderful day with your Mum- we have perennials on sale at 205 off at our local nursery and I am going to stop in a choose a few myself!! Can't wait to see the pics!!


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