Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finishing this Boho today

I hope to finish this Boho bag today. The front panel under flap needs embellishing and a lining put in then assembly!!!! Yeah!!!
Back I wanted to deliver this in person but that isn't possible right now so it will be mailed.....soon. I have two more gatherings of Boho stash ready to start more...oh dear! Back to work......


  1. Beauty!! Love the colors and lushness.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM CDT

    Just beautiful Pat...You are whipping these bags out like nuthin. Thankyou alway's for the inspiration.

  3. Incredible Pat!!! You embellish the area under the front flap???? I am a slacker!!!

  4. Love it Pat! I really need to make one of these. Hmmmm. I know a lady that you know in Metamora? Wouldn't a class be nice? Just sayin!

  5. Pat-OH,OH,OH - I`m totally in love- this is gorgeus,dear- what a fantastic work of art.

  6. Gorgeous! You have me really really wanting to try making one, but I have to finish my denim jackets (all 8 of them!) before I can allow myself to play. Not that I don't look at the jackets as play too, but it's not quite the same.

  7. Oh my, another gorgeous BOHO! You are so clever. And, you sew so fast! I'm sure enjoying looking all all the purses you've been completing!

  8. Reminds me of cooked plums in various stages but, MUCH more beautiful!
    I've been jammin' again, made Apple and Blackberry jelly ('cos the pips/seeds get on my 'pip'!), last Monday, made Mirabelle (more like a small apricot in looks and taste), plum jam and jelly last Thursday and picked some Damsons and Apples this evening. Will be making Damsom jam/jelly, apple sauce and pie fillings,then tomorrow morning (sunshine expected), will pick more blackberries to make jams/jellies,Apple and mint jelly,and more Apple and blackberry pie fillings/jams etc.
    I have a deyhdrator and plan to dry some plums/apples and pears too.
    I don't plan any social life for the next few weeks LOL!
    Why waste Nature's Bounty?

    Have a great rest of the week!


    Sandie xx

  9. Beautiful bag Pat..love the colours.
    Great inspiration!
    Julia ♥

  10. Aloha Pat,
    That is a beautiful Boho! I love the colors and embellishments. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anonymous2:45 AM CDT

    Love it, you keep coming up with such great ideas. I hope you put 1 on etsy-just sayin' might be a good idea?? If you have another class-count me in!! Leslie K

  12. Wow, Pat. Each item you create is more beautiful than the previous one. You are amazing!


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