Friday, August 12, 2011

Delightful day with mom in St. Joe

This morning I picked up mom and headed to Michigan. Mom wanted some Red Haven peaches and a visit to St. Joe. I wanted a piece of Kilwins fudge :-) It has almost been one year since mom's surgery and she hasn't been away from home aside from doctors and the dentist office.
It was a cool morning and the sun was shining as we drove through the little towns along Red Arrow highway making mental notes on places to stop on the way home. A garden shop, a couple tag sales, and a fruit stand offering fresh Michigan peaches.
Driving along Red Arrow is our favorite route to St. Joe. There are so many Art and Antique shops among several little cafe's with a bakery here and there. Arriving in St. Joe I turned off to go down to the beach. Past the lakeside cottages we turn right and see the new water fountain across from the new carousel which was filled with children and adults riding round and round on the beautiful painted animals. It is an indoor carousel however we could see it was too crowded and we agreed to return another day. I drove back up the hill to find a parking spot so we could stroll around town and have lunch. Well, Friday is not the best day to hit St. Joe. It was buzzing with activity. People everywhere, parking ......none to be found. I hate to say this but thank goodness for mom's handicap sign. After three times around town we found a spot that happened to be near the Asian Grille which I have been wanting to take mom to. My friend Leslie shared the interesting and yummy spot with me two years ago. You choose your veggies, sauce, and meat and they grill it as you watch. This young man just finished cooking our selections. Since it was such a gorgeous day we decided to get it to go and grab some fudge at Kilwins before finding a quiet swing away from the crowds. Again, no swings empty so I drove down by water under the bridge and we claimed a grassy spot under a large tree and enjoyed out lunch, dessert and the calming view of sailboats gliding by. Did I mention we bought fudge? This horse is made of steel. Several Art pieces were sprinkled along the park between beautiful flower beds. There is something about watching boats that is so relaxing. My camera acted up and didn't make a noise when I took a picture so I thought it was broken and didn't try to get anymore pictures.
After reminiscing about the days dad and mom packed three kids into our boat with fishing poles, coolers and a picnic large enough to feed an army and spent sunny days cruising Lake Michigan and Hudson Lake. We sure went through the bottles of Coppertone! I'm still reminded of those days whenever I smell that familiar scent.
We stopped at a roadside fruit stand and mom bought her fresh peaches and some veggies while I scored a huge cantaloupe which I am about to peel and slice before retiring to the front porch swing. We are planning another trip in two won't be on a Friday. I hope you enjoyed your day!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day for both of you. Hi to your mom!

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM CDT

    Pat,thanks so much for sharing your day with us. You have a great talent for writing(among lots of other talents)it makes us feel like we are right there with you and the pictures are great. Your mom is a really pretty lady,its nice you have her with you--Mary Bonnell

  3. What a great day! So nice that you enjoy doing things like that together. And you got your fudge, too!!! Diane

  4. I always enjoy the relationship between you and your Mom, Pat. It's so special. She looks so good, thank God she's doing so well.

  5. Hi Pat,
    YOur trip sounded like fun and your Mom is doing so well thank heavens...... Good to see her out and about.. You are a "Good " daughter ;-)
    YOur lunch looked so yummy and that fudge.... Drooling here!
    THe scenery where you went was lovely ..thanks so much for sharing..

  6. What a joy it was to see you out and about with your mom again - she is looking as glamourous as ever and you have the most amazing day. Seems like a week's holiday packed into one day.


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