Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching up...wonderful Boho class

I wanted to thank all of you for the sweet notes of concern for Angell. (yes, I spell her name with 2 "L"s) I'm sorry I did not blog an update on her. I have been so busy with mom, life and prepping for a 3 day class and just didn't think about blogging. Nothing to worry about, she just had a burst of energy that wore her out. She slept the entire next day...lucky her :-) At this moment she is sitting in her comfy chair snoring after a big breakfast. I'm sitting in my comfy chair reflecting on the wonderful class that concluded yesterday evening.

I had two delightful returning students who brought along another "victim". I met Karen and Jan last year when they took a clutch class and we became instant friends. They are both sweet ladies with very creative souls and create a variety of beautiful things from china painting to knitting. Their friend Penny who I was honored to meet on Monday is (possibly "was") a traditional quilter and now addicted to CQ! Yeah!

I had the privilege to escort these beautiful ladies to two of my favorite stash shops. Our first stop was at Lemon Creek fabrics. The owners, John and Judy, were kept busy cutting fabrics as the four of us piled our gatherings in our special areas. Lemon Creek Fabrics is a must for those wanting to make a Bohemian Gathering Bag. They offer fine fabrics including medium and light weight upholstery fabrics which are perfect for the Boho bags. The shop buzzed with excitement as new discoveries were made. Judy brought out some goodies to share with us while John continued to cut fabrics. I made my selections keeping Boho bags in mind. The start of a new bag to come... Karen patiently waiting for her fabrics to be cut. Jan won the prize for most stash collected,LOL. Penny is really enjoying the large selection. Another gathering of Boho bag fabrics... After finding a yummy sandwich shop nearby we ventured on to Watervliet to visit TradeWind Beads. Karen,Jan and Penny trying to stand still for a picture at my request. My new stash of beads.Unfortunately Trade Winds will close their doors Sept 30th (not a great birthday gift in my opinion) Currently everything in the shop with a few exceptions are 40% off. I have enjoyed my visits to this bead shop for several years and hate to see it close, but hey, everyone deserves to retire. They may be selling remaining stock on etsy or eBay and I will let you know when they do.
I dropped the ladies off at their Hotel to est up for class Tuesday morning. They arrived ready and anxious to begin so I started them off copying notes to their patterns. Next it was time to cut fabrics. Penny chose to work on the preference as well! They spent the day piecing their flaps and homework was embellishing. The color combos these ladies chose were beautiful and I enjoyed watching their progress. Karen chose various shades of teal with a sweet image of sleeping babies. Preview of trims .......beautiful.Jan chose purple and green with one of may favorite gypsy images. Penny chose rust,gold and green with a pretty maiden image. This was Penny's first attempt at crazy quilting. As you can see, these bags are going to be stunning and fun to use. Jan was adjusting her glasses with a threaded needle and small doily in hand while talking. The doily got stuck in her glasses as she took her hand away and not realizing it, she thought a big spider or something fell from the ceiling and startled her. It looked like she had a beak. It was so funny Penny and I both wouldn't let her remove it until we quickly snapped a picture. Sorry Jan, someone has to be the class clown! It was only one of several humorous moments with these gals. After class yesterday we enjoyed pizza on the deck and the humidity had moved out so the weather was beautiful. Class always goes so quickly and I sadly bid farewell but will remember the fun I had with Karen, Jan and Penny. You guys rock!
It is another beautiful day in the upper 70's so I think I will mow the lawn and make pecan bars for the guys. Have a wonderful day!


  1. I can tell by all the smiles, everyone had a great time. I wish I lived closer to you, I would be right there beside them.

  2. I agree with Deb! The class looks like fun (as do the ladies) and the shopping looks wonderful. I really like all of the color selections that were made, but especially the lavender. I could go crazy in both the fabric and the bead shops. Perhaps some day...

  3. You all looked like you had loads of fun and got some beautiful BoHo bags well on their way to being finished!
    What a shame about the bead shop.....
    So, your birthday is when? 30th Setember??

    Glad Agell is just being an old lady dog! They have to give you a scare every now and then! Bless her!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  4. Sorry Angell, I missed the 'n' out of your name on the last posting!

    Sandie xx

  5. Of soft thoughts to Angell …
    Your pupils splendidly worked and I am filled with admiration for their beautiful bags!

    Beautiful day Pat

  6. Oh, would I love to have been there too!!

    Hugs to you, Pat, and all of your creative ladies in your post!



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