Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BOHO bag mania!

What have I done? I'm afraid (actually thrilled) the world has gone BOHO bag crazy! Who would have thought my addiction of making Bohemian Gathering Bags (BOHO) would have been so contagious? As I browsed blog after blog I found so many of my friends were making these bags...and are doing an incredible job at it. Gerry...Elizabeth...Freda....Cathy...just to name a few. I see they have caught the "boho fever" too! I really had no doubt it would spread, these comfy bags are fun and quick to make.
You can find an article to create your own in the Autumn issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine and if you have additional questions you can just email me or...check out the blogs of the ladies making these and who generously offer their tips and advice. Better yet, check out Gerry's etsy shop and pick up a gathering of supplies to save a trip to several shops and get sewing!
The Boho bag shown will be offered in my etsy shop as soon as I find the matching trim for inside the flap =)


  1. I am glad you mentioned Gerry having kits available. I purchased one last night!

  2. It is funny how things catch on. I have been itching to do a boho bag too. They look so 'comfy' to carry around and beautiful as well. I'll have to go check out Gerry's kits. Take care, Connie

  3. Anonymous9:47 AM CDT

    Thanks for mentioning my kits Pat.. I am going out to the barn this morning and photograph some more to put up.. The kits were Susie W's idea and she was a huge help... and now they are paying for the surgery on Morris's leg.. Sometimes things work out better than if you planned it. Hugs Gerry

  4. Hi Pat,
    So pleased your bags are such a success. I've just bought both versions of the magazine, the download because I can't wait and the hard copy as I love to flick through a real book. I'm off to check out the kits.
    Hugs, Angela.x

  5. Absolutely brilliant - I think that BOHO bags are an all time classic

  6. 'Bohoarmy' more like! LOL!
    They are just the most fabulous bags!

    Sandie xx

  7. I can't wait to get your next mag issue and read your directions. I really winged it on my first bag, thanks for the link BTW, but I know that my second will go more smoothly! I already have a flap done for my younger niece. Older niece says that her bag is stopping traffic where ever she goes!! Don't you just love hearing stories like this ?!Must get around to making one for myself!!!!

  8. Look what you started, Pat! lol And there are so many more of us planning and gathering supplies that haven't started yet - could be a BoHo Stampede!

  9. Hi Ms. Pat, My mom loves your boho bags. She said she wants to make one. But this message is for my love Angell. Hi Angell this is Teddy here. I am sorry you are not feeling to well these days. I find laying in the sunshine helps. It make me feel warm and fuzzy. Mom said that she had a Sheltie who had trouble with his hips and the vet put him on butazone. She said it really helped. Just a thought sweetheart. We are both lucky to have such wonderful moms. (But we shouldn't tell them to often as they might get big heads). You take care and you know you are loved from afar. Teddy

  10. How not to become crazy about these bags so magnificent, and it is true that numerous bloggers worked wonders!
    My sincere condolences for your friend, courage for all its events dear Pat!



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