Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach stroll yesterday morn

Yesterday morning I had a strong urge to go to the beach so....I did. It was a cool morning and I wanted to see if the biting flies had left yet. They were gone! Now I can plan a beach outing with mom without fighting flies biting our ankles.
It was a gorgeous morning at the shore. I heard waves crashing against the shore and figured it wouldn't be a good mermaid tear collecting day but I needed the calm the water provided me so I ventured on to the water. I was surprised at how high the water was the night before. All the way to the dune was smooth as glass. It was kind of eerie to see that. I started finding mermaid tears right away. I whispered under my breath,"....be here dad," and sure enough after a few more steps..... I almost cried because it had been so long since I found a blue one, or seen him. It has been 10 years (Aug 2) since I've seen my dad. I miss his gentle blue eyes and soft spoken voice. I miss his plaid flannel shirts he wore, even in summer. I miss his corny jokes and garden talk. I miss seeing him kneeling in his garden with a Ball jar filled with sweet ice tea always nearby. I miss buying him little gifts.....ribbon candy at Christmas, black licorice throughout the year, black jelly beans at Easter, and I miss him sharing articles from Prevention magazine with me. I miss him so much.
A foot away from the blue I found a greenie..... then part of a Coke bottle. The waves sounded strong and powerful as I continued down the shore. Sometimes that sound frightens me when I am walking alone as it reminds me how fragile we are. Being so vulnerable it amazes me how many of us take life for granted. I for one know each day is a gift and I selfishly pack it as full as I can, LOL.
The sun on my back, I snapped a picture of the "Gumby" shadow. I met this lady along the way. She was picking up trash , mermaid tears and heart shaped stones. We spoke for a bit and she told me her mother had Alzheimers and I told her about mom and how we used to walk several times a week and plan to return very soon. This guy followed me down the shore. I named him Hortense. Why? I have no idea. This would have been a perfect morning to bring mom. Cool breeze and pleasant temperature. I walked in the warm water for a while then turned and headed back. A family of four were unpacking the beach supplies. The young mother of two was struggling with a beautiful beach umbrella as the dad had the two little ones heading for the water. Brought back memories ............... My last glance back as I jogged up the dune was of this lady's behind....I wonder what she is searching for? :-)
This was my treasure find for the day. I cleaned my sandy feet, opened the moon roof, turned up the radio to Kid Rock's, "All Summer Long," and headed to mom's. It was only 7:20 so I didn't wake mom. I started moving a load of top soil to form raised flower beds for her. I am making a perennial garden for her in front of the deck so she can enjoy it near the house. I have big plans and we have a date for Thursday to visit a nursery in LaPorte for lots of pretty flowers. I only worked for an hour before mom came to the door and called me in for a drink of cold water. I welcomed the interruption.It got pretty warm very quickly. After a little visit I went home to tend to Angell and finish laundry then I enjoyed a swim before heading to the studio to sew. It was a really good day.
Time to get busy...have a great day!


  1. Words fail me at this moment. I will read again

  2. You can't ask for a better morning than that!

  3. what a beautiful day you had!

  4. You certainly do pack everything into a day!
    My Dad had lovely blue eyes which seemed to fade as he got older.
    Sometimes when I'm concentrating on something, I spy my Dad's hand in mine just the way he used to hold his when he was being thoughtful or creative...and they say you grow to look and act like your Mum! LOL!
    It's good to remember sometimes eh?

    Good haul on the beach today!

    Sandie xx

  5. Hi Pat,

    It's been quite a while since I've visited. I love walking on the beach but haven't had the opportunity in a few years now. Sounds like you had a perfect morning to me. :)

  6. Anonymous2:27 PM CDT

    Awe... you always seem to make me realize how precious time is..and not to take it for granted...and to take time for the precious things in life.
    I think Kid needs to add another verse to that song that includes ~finding mermaid tears~ ;o)then it would be perfect!
    Takecare, Shannon

  7. Dear Pat, I am so glad you found such precious treasures on the beach, it is like the icing on the cake, as watching the water is so calming and relaxing. You certainly have packed a lot into your day and in such a good way too.


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