Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ramblings and the gift of friends

This morning I took mom grocery shopping at 7:30 to beat the humidity. It took us three hours! I still have a hard time realizing mom is slowing down. I wholeheartedly believe she would still be running circles around me if she wouldn't have had the complications with her surgery last Aug. She was so energetic and now she is finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things. I never shared with her that the doctor said she never will. She is doing well now and has good days and bad, as we all do. She still jumps in the car and wants to do things so if that makes her happy, that is what we will do. Sometimes we don't see what is in front of us, that is so true.

We miss our beach trips terribly and plan on continuing when the black biting flies leave. The last time I went to check, only two weeks ago, this is what happened....They would not leave me alone and I had only walked to the water. Yes, I had showered,LOL. Needless to say I ran back. Yuck! There are no fish or animals washed up, no debris scattered about, and the garbage cans are well maintained and emptied. We didn't have this problem before which makes me wonder what is being dumped into the water and by whom?

It is funny how a phone call from a friend can make things all better. I think all of us take for granted our friendships from time to time. Especially if you do a lot of socializing which I really don't do unless you call doctor, dentist, and optometrist visits socializing :-)

The past two days I got to enjoy phone conversations with two of my favorite people in the world, Jan and Tish. These friends always leave me laughing and feeling good and inspired. When I greet them on the phone or say goodby, I feel hugged. I can only speak for myself but I believe a gal who doesn't have a sister or who grew up with little female influence really treasure the friends they make and cherish time spent with them on a deeper level. We know what it is like to do without. I am more selective in not only choosing but keeping a friend. As we grow older we know time isn't always on our side and we must make the most of every day by enjoying the company we keep and not allow our time to be wasted.

I have only one request of friendship, to let me be me and you be you even if we are opposites. I have no time for "poser's." The friendship connection is made within a few minutes of meeting someone, that intuition that you have met a friend. I can honestly say among my friendships, 98% of them started with that intuition. Perhaps its the same when you meet your significant other. That soulful attraction that lets you know you are meeting who you are suppose to meet and can't wait to share. Whatever it is, I know it is a needful thing to have good friends. You don't need a lot, perhaps only a couple. It is the quality, not quantity. Above all you must appreciate a friend and give them respect.Thank you friends for all you give without knowing....online and off.


  1. Hi Pat
    tough to see your parents getting old... my mom could run circles around me but her knees are really bad now - so she doesn't go much.
    Hope your summer is going well and the flies leave you alone

  2. Awwh Pat!
    You are a great motivator (if that's the word I mean), I'm not that brilliant with words (You guessed!).
    I realise, due to all kinds of influences and self neglect, that I have truly been wasting time..IT HAS TO STOP and NOW!

    From this moment forward, I will be more attentive not only to my needs and what has to be done to bring me up to scratch so to speak but, to others, especially family and those who have stuck by me when I've been anti-social,anti-family and worse anti-me.
    Phew! It brings me out in a sweat just thinking about doing it!
    The last couple of years i have not been ME, I don't know who I've been but she's been boring, hiding her true self and anti social and a seemingly unconcerned about others.

    I'll have to say goodnight now,writing a load of rubbish, must be the anti-histamine! LOL!(Insect bites on my legs).


    Sandie xx

  3. Anonymous5:42 PM CDT

    A "friend"crazy quilt wall hanging would be a project worth doing-Kathleen from michigan

  4. Such a thoughtful post Pat. Time is so precious and things can slip away so quickly. It is good that we treasure every moment.

  5. I feel the same way about friendship Pat, and how lucky to have a person like Tish as a friend. She's one of those people that you can't help but love the minute you meet her! And she truly loves you too!!
    I know how it is when our parents get older, we are going through the same thing with my mother right now, and it pains us girls to see her that way.
    And what is it with the black and deer flies this year! They bite so hard and actually draw blood! If you find something that works at repelling them, please share! I've yet to find anything that works.


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