Friday, July 01, 2011

Rainy day..time for some stitching!

We have been having lovely weather and today we are having a nice rain which is great because I would rather be stitching than doing more yard work. The grass grows much too quickly and it seems when I finish working on the yard and flower garden it is time to start over again leaving me no time to stitch. My lawn is nothing to brag about, we have what I call "country grass". Its the grass you get when you live in the country and it has many types of weeds in it but looks fine when mowed,LOL. A friend once asked if we fertilized. I replied,"We live in the country, of course not." Well, our next door neighbor fertilizes so I put up a privacy fence and planted a double row of American Arborvitae. Just kidding, I did those things however it was because my garden is on the side they built on and I didn't want to be bending over with spectators if you know what I mean.

Their lawn is beautiful. Rolling green perfect lawn, manicured shrubs around the house and two pots of flowers near the sidewalk...... then you pass the trees and fence and there's my country lawn and a peek into a garden that has gone wild with 5 foot fern. Two stumps that need cut the rest of the way down, Sorry neighbor, but I am a crazy quilter, no time for such things. Oh well, it is maintained and I'm happy with it and that is most important. I wouldn't give up my old brick Victorian farmhouse for anything.
It is so relaxing to walk through the garden paths I've created dodging a fern here and there anticipating a hidden bloom. The most memorable lesson in my Horticulture class was making "rooms" in your flower garden. It is like a grown up version of when I played at the edge of the woods and building "rooms" by dividing my space with limbs and anything I could find to stack up to separate my "home" walls. Don't you wish you had photos of the neat things you did as a child? I sure do. What a scrapbook I would have.

It is supposed to get very hot over the weekend so I had better get busy on Nicole's Boho bag so I can enjoy some pool time. Her bag will be similar to Dawn's and then I will be making a smaller version in Pink for Katy then two more after that for friends. I better get off of here...have a great day and followers, don't forget to enter the dfly giveaway on the prior post :-)


  1. I would rather visit your garden than walk on a manicured lawn!!

  2. I live in the country surrounded by trees. I love the dandelions and wild violets and everything else. My neighbors live closer to the road and they tend to spray and fertilize, etc. which I honestly hate anyway. What's wrong with regular grass? If you want a carpet to lay on, go in the house! So I found out recently a neighbor sprayed along my lane when he had some left over to get rid of his dandelions. I was appalled because wild raspberries grew there and I ate them off the bush as I mowed every summer. I didn't say anything to him since we've cleaned mosst of that out this spring and I know he thought he was being helpful but don't people understand that not everyone likes pesticides...and are maybe a little sensitive to them? I'd rather see a "country yard" any day, although I do love well maintained flower gardens, I consider them the exception rather than the rule.

  3. I am sure it looks beautiful!

  4. A manicured lawn may look nice in a way, but nature doesn't like them, and they do nothing to help the bumblebees and birds survive. Give me a natural garden anyday, buzzing with bees, filled with birdsong, and the sight of robins hunting for worms.

  5. Hey Patsy Girl, I had to chime in on this one! I always made rooms too as a kid, at one point I got very sophisticated and divided my basement (where I played) with Gramas old curtains and made lots of rooms. Now my garden is made up of little rooms, I hardly sit in any of them just enjoy walking through. Our new JAKE dog however turns out to be a hole
    digger,Yuck, so until he out grows that my garden rooms are a bit ghetto, lol!


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