Sunday, July 31, 2011

No internet but surviving

I haven't been deliberately staying away, I lost my internet service after the last heavy rain storm a few days ago. The poor Comcast tech came out yesterday and worked in the hot sun to resolve the problem. They will be burying a new cable within 10 days...through the center of my garden....which was scheduled to be mowed yesterday evening.....but will have to wait now. I just can't keep up with the flower gardens this year. The heat, humidity and rain makes it impossible so I'm calling "UNCLE". I'm done, finished, finis, Ho finito, J'ai termine', I fertig, Jag avslutade ! I will tend to whatever is living in the autumn....for now, I will be happy to not wilt myself. Another week of hot humid weather is on its way.

I'm looking forward to a field trip to Lemon Creek Fabrics next week with three ladies from Michigan arriving for a two day Boho bag class but first we will spend a day beforehand shopping for trims and medium weight upholstery fabrics. It should be a fun class.

Keeping busy aside from working on the Sept issue of the magazine I did work a bit on a new Boho bag flap. A little more embellishing and it will be ready to assemble.
I'm off to pick up a couple Cappuccinos and head to mom's for some gab time. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend.


  1. I have just returned from the beach and Cape Cod for ten days and I was Unplugged for the entire time- PURE Bliss!!! Now I have 865 e-mails to slog thru and i am feeling lots of pressure to catch up!!!!
    Your BoHo bag class sounds fabulous!!! I made a similar bag for my 20 year old niece- very hip modern take on CQ She adores it and it was all inspired by you!!!!
    Love your new flap!!!
    BTW I found 15 pieces of sea glass on my trip- that is alot for Cape Cod beaches!!!!! Keep cool!!!

  2. Hi to your mom! I agree when it gets to hot and humid,I just water and wait on the weeding. Wish I was closer so I could partake in your boho class!!!
    Have the flies left the beach yet? Hope you are able to go for your beach time.

  3. I know all about the hot and humid!, it's been the same here in Michigan. I wish I could take your class, your bags are always so pretty!

  4. Your banner is so pretty.
    I thought it was hot and humid here but this is Wyoming. I know it's a lot worse there. I'm sorry you can't even get outside and be in your flowers - the only times I can are early morning and in the latter evening.
    Your Boho bags are just gorgeous. You girls should have a lot of fun. Hope you have a nice Sunday. Diane

  5. Anonymous3:56 PM CDT

    It has been a HOT summer. I don't know how you do it. I'm glad sometimes I don't have a garden anymore, even though I miss it when it's nice out-like spring and fall. I love fall, I'm glad it's almost here. I should have mowed the lawn today but the grass is so wet in the mornings because of the high dew point and by noon, it's too hot!!
    Hoping for better weather--Leslie K.

  6. Get in the pool, don't wilt!
    Wish I had a pool, I'd be in it all day!
    Got the magazine sussed BTW!
    I'm a dosie so and so, honestly, not very technical, lacking concentration, sounds like a school report!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx


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