Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy days of summer

With the hot weather hanging around here I haven't been doing much of anything. Swimming, mowing, swimming,dentist cleaning,swimming,house cleaning, get the picture. Nothing exciting to share.
I did run to town Saturday morning and stopped at the European Market on the way home. I bought another piece of "purple" jewelry from my fav jewelry vendor and some perennials, one I didn't have called "Rusty Foxglove". They look like miniature foxglove only on tall spikes. Really makes a statement grouped together. I bought a purple Liatris ,and a deep purple tall Garden Phlox. These are a nice start to a new flower bed along the back deck where we took out the Globe Arborvitae.The lady selling these is from LaPorte and she said she will share a start of a 5 foot pink fluffy plant called "Filipeudala rubra" with me which I spotted in a beautiful bouquet. You can't tell in the pictures but they are as airy as cotton candy, like a smoke tree bloom. I browsed the Indian Summer clothing booth and went to the store to try on a pair of gauze pants but they did not impress me so I passed on them. They would be terribly comfy though.
A few nights ago I was browsing online and found these two blouses that I love!!!! The little coins on the blue one would drive me nuts so I would remove them and use them in my CQ :-)

I also forgot to share what was in the box and who it was from last week...sorry, it got busy around here. The box of treasure was from Liz of GypsyFeather. Her etsy shop offers wonderful stash builder collections which I treat myself to now and then. When she reopens at the end of July you will have to browse her eclectic treasures. She certainly was on a roll when she packed this bottomless box. Isn't this a sweet dresser scarf?The light weight upholstery fabrics are really quite beautiful but I can't seem to capture the correct colors so you will have to trust me on that.So many items to use in Boho bags. I think some need to go toward a bag for her don't you think? Thank you Liz!!!!!! Time to start dinner. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. I have been seeing that pink fuzzy plant in various places and wondered what it was. Thank you for the name!!

  2. Lovely post Pat.
    The stash builder collection idea is great!
    Love the plants, you'd probably like a plant we call 'Jacobs' Ladder' over here, it is usually in purple , but I have one that would go great with your new foxglove. I'll try and get a pic of it soon to show you.
    I know what you mean about the 'coins' on the blouse but, it is lovely, well they both are!
    Do you swim in the Lake or do you have a pool? If I had better finances, I would have a lakeside/seaside property and or a pool! Used to swim a lot when I was younger and would probably swim everyday if I had a pool or access to decent water now. I can dream...

    Hope you've had a great weekend and an even better week.


    Sandie xx

  3. Hi Pat, Your dreamy dragon fly arrived yesterday. It is so gorgeous. Thanks for the sweet extras too. You are always so thoughtful. Your summer sounds wonderful to me. We are finally getting some nice weather.

  4. You posts are always full of beauty and this one is so very lovely from the flower photos to your beautiful treasures. I love the little doily too! Looks like your summer is being blessed!
    ~ Katie


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