Monday, July 11, 2011

Katie's Boho bag

I wanted to post Katie's bag and kept forgetting so here it is. I used a fun sheer layered flower from Flights of Fancy for a younger recipient.I'm happy they will receive them at the same time. I hope they like what I chose for them. They are really fun to make and I do like to add the CQ front flap instead of a doily however if I had a super unique piece I would use that.
I think what attracts me to making these are the layers of trims used. I enjoy using the vintage crochet trims that I dye to match up with the various trims and beads. It gives a worn comfy feel to each bag and keeps them unique. Finding a home for the crocheted runners on the back of the bags is a plus as well. Folder a few times makes great pockets for a magazine, ebook, etc. This is Nicole's and Katie's bags together. I should have taken a picture using Matilde's shoulder but you get the idea. I sure love layering trims!!!!! Have a great evening!


  1. Pat, the bags you make are amazing! Some day...

  2. These are gorgeous Pat.I am really loving the bluish one. Amazing what you do!!!!

  3. They are both absolutely gorgeous, Pat! The girls will love them!
    The blouses of your last post are very pretty and would have caught my eye too.

  4. These turned out beautifully Pat! I too love the layering of trims.

  5. These bags are so gorgeous and I know I will be making these with all the home dec fabrics and trims I’ve been saving for years. Your style is fantastic!!

    How is your mom doing these days???

    Hugs, Cathy

  6. Looking all over your lovely blog I don't see where I can purchase your book. Is it still available? Love the magazines! I got them today.

  7. I'd love to see their faces when they open their parcels!

    Sandie xx

  8. Pat !! thesea re both exquisite and I want you to know that you ahve inspired me!!! My almost twenty year old neice was just visiting with her parents, theya ll live in Tanzania and my SiL is in the middle of a two year stint in Afganistan, she flew in to meet up with the rest here. Anyway... I made my version of a purse/boho bag for her. She is NOT a lace and vintage type girl so I used some great black and white baroque style fabric and used some of my hand dyes and raggedy roses and bright trims and long red fringe., It was a huge hit and I am so pleased!!! So thanks dear friend for all of the inspiriation you share with us!! I will be posting picks to my blog soon!!! Big Hugs!!


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