Monday, July 04, 2011

Katie leads the parade!

My beautiful sweet niece Katie led the Santa Clarita Fourth of July parade today!!! Go Katie!!!
"An all-Santa Clarita Valley high school marching band will be stepping out today with other entries in the Santa Clarita Fourth of July parade

It’s the first time the long-running parade has had such a band.

“You can’t have a parade without a band,” said Marilyn Hackett, who helped coordinate the band performance. “You need the music and the marching and the excitement of a live band.”

However, the fact is that the parade has long existed without a high school marching band, its date in frustrating conflict with high school and vacation schedules for th
e all-volunteer parade organizing committee that’s tried repeatedly to secure the traditional parade mainstay.

Known as the SCV Unified Marching Band, the band will be made up of 100 high school musicians from all six Santa Clarita Valley comprehensive high schools, Hackett said. Canyon High School senior Katie Winter will lead the band as drum majorette."


  1. Hi Pat,
    Your niece is darling AND looks like you!

  2. Katie is so like you!
    You must be proud of her.

    Sandie xx

  3. Thank you ladies. She is a very good young lady. I think Nicole had her for me and forgot to give her up,LOL. She is such a sweetheart.I just wished we lived closer to each other.


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