Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A great pick-me-up

Like many crafters/artisans, I love creating. What I enjoy most is the journey, not necessarily the the product at the end of a particular journey. When I finish a project that is not intended for a friend or special order I offer it in my etsy shop or to someone who inquires about it. This profit goes back into stash building when it isn't needed to help a friend, charity, or family member. This is my way of bringing it full circle and it works for me.

There are times when I need a little pick-me-up and my favorite way to do this is through purchases of hand made items, collected cast off treasures, or stash from friends and etsy shop owners. People like me who enjoy their work and who love sharing what they have to offer with those who truly enjoy their efforts.

Margo Duke, aka, Her Majesty Margo is no stranger to many of you. She is "The Felting Queen," hence the name :-)
I recently treated myself to one of her glorious inspiring packs of fluff and fiber confections and I just had to share the beauty. No two packs are alike which I love! You won't find these colors or selection in a store at this price.Margo is a busy queen however she offers to put together a package of colors you enjoy. You may contact her at hermajestymargo@aol.com.

Margo didn't hire me to solicit her offerings, she is just a delightful person who I respect and which I thoroughly enjoy her work and kind spirit. Whenever possible I pass on information of vendors who make me smile and I want my reader's to benefit quality goods as well.
Thank you Margo for the quick shipping and beautiful fun stash goodies. I will enjoy them immensely.
Yes, I feel much better now!


  1. What wondrous package of such happy colourfulness - it all looks really touchy feely.

  2. Thank you Pat! I went to her blog and found her shop! Wonderful!!!!


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