Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good morning!

I don't have a thing to share this morning as far as CQ goes. The sky is dark and thunder is roaring and I am anticipating the rain. I wish my friend Dawn lived next door because if she did, we would be sitting on the front porch swing with a pot of tea watching the drops come down. She loves to watch rain fall as much as I do. It is so peaceful, even the hard noisy rains have a tranquil effect on us. Its funny how simple little things connect souls.

Yesterday I discovered a blue Hydrangea in bloom and got so excited. I didn't take a picture yet. My poor garden is so overgrown with fern. This Fall I'm loading my friends Karen and Dawn down with them. They are beautiful along a house which is where they want to plant them. They will enjoy them and I will enjoy the room. I love the 5 foot tall fern and could not imagine my garden without them however, a season or two without thinning them out makes for a garden of chaos.

I'm sure most of you are like me and worry about friends when they are not feeling well. I have a special friend who has been having unresolved health issues and I can't seem to focus on anything else. Maybe that is where my muse has been .In Michigan to be with my sweet friend. I think I will try to work on her project today. It pains me to see such a cheerful soul lose her spirit. I wish I could do something. I know she will be fine, I just know the world needs to see her smile again soon.

Many of you have asked about mom and I am touched by each inquiry. Thank you. Mom is doing fine. Many days she walks without her cane, slower but on her own. We go shopping each week and next week she has one more dental appointment and we will be completely finished with that. We are happy about that being behind us. So many appointments for various things really gets old. I have worked my appointments in so I am caught up as well. It is so easy to forget your own needs, so I hope those of you who are caregivers take the time to take care of yourself. Thankfully I haven't gone too long and maintain myself fairly well. A bit of high blood pressure but under control.

When the weather cools and the biting flies find a better place to feed, we will return to the beach, so get ready for photos...lots of photos. Angell is fine too. She was acting up because I was gone so much with mom but I think we have things under control again. She is aging and I'm trying to accept that. She says hi to Teddy and Teddy and all the other four legged pals out there!!!! :-)

It is black outside now, come on rains..the grass needs it badly. On a brighter note, the magazine is coming along nicely. The ladies who generously offer articles I extend my gratitude and many thanks. Your input is greatly appreciated. I always welcome articles, eye candy, or anyone who just wants to share a project. Crazy Quilters love to meet others who enjoy the same past time.

I hope you all are enjoy these lazy and not so lazy days of Summer. Take care and smile!


  1. You mentioned the magazine (can't wait, btw) and I wondered if you got my little piece I did? I sent it using my gmail addy and I just had a horrible thought that it might have landed in your junk mail? Glad to hear your Mom is doing much better and looking forward to getting back to the beach.

  2. Sending healing vibes for you and your friend. It's hard when you can't just pop over to chat and stitch isn't it?
    Glad Mom and Angell are fine old gals together LOL!
    My sister Rita is just about tearing her hair out with her daurhters' dogs.
    Claire and hubby and kids have gone over to France with the caravan, leaving one dog with hubbys' parents, then the big lolloping puppy who is very naughty and need lots of training and the 'old boy' who is about 17yrs old and was at deaths' door last week with Rita.
    We took them (apart from the old boy)for a blast (They're all Greyhounds or G'hound cross), and they were pooped out when we got back...means Rita gets some peace and a nap!

    Have a great week,


    Sandie xx

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM CDT

    It's been strangely dark in lower Mich but no rain-how odd. We could also use some rain. Sending prayers for you ill friend-glad to hear your mom is doing well. I'm sure your garden is lovely, you have such wonderful plants. You have a green thumb. Stay cool-Leslie K

  4. Hugs to you and your mom and your special friend, sometimes just the thoughts wished for a friend can be very comforting.
    We have 5 fur babes, one of which is getting very old, he is 16 cat years, then we have our Siamese who is only 8 years young and she recently got diagnosed with liver disease. Breaks my heart to see animals and people whose health is failing. On the brighter side I make myself think of all the fun times, like when my kitty would jump in the laundry basket, or chase the sheets when making the bed. Besides she just loves to talk, especially when I sneeze.
    We to are longing for rain and have been lucky this week to have had two days, hopefully more is on the horizon, we only average about 12 " here in S. New Mexico.
    Have a good day :)

  5. It's great to read your post and get caught up with things in your life. I'm looking forward to your beachcombing with your Mom. That Boho bag is just absolutely scrumptious....lucky girl! Diane

  6. Teddy sends hi paws and kisses to his favorite Angel. He has spent a quiet summer with his human as he is not allowed to travel around the property alone because of the bear situation. He did pose for a painting this week on his humans blog. She was painting flowers and he worked his way in. Says it makes the painting much better. He has to sign off for now,nap time you know. Signed Teddy.(dictated to his human)

  7. This is Teddy's "human" checking in.I bet your garden is gorgeous and I can't wait to see your pictures. My garden is finally starting to bloom. We have had a nasty start to summer what with all the rain and the bears. I can't run as fast as they can so working in the garden has been rather scary. Especially with the mom and baby bear. Mom is extremely protective and aggressive. I am so glad your mom is doing so well and I know you shall have great times at the beach. Happy summer Pat.


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