Friday, July 15, 2011

Exceptional weather and ramblings

We are having wonderful sunny days in the 70's and I am so enjoying it! We are expecting another heat wave soon but for now, the doors are swung open and the slight cool breeze is refreshing. I will have to tell you about my morning with mom yesterday. If I were a "glass half empty" kind of gal I would have screamed. Instead we laughed it off as each failed event unfolded. I have a few pics to download from my camera and then I will post about it. Until then, let's see what else is going on around here...........

I packed the Boho bags and sent them off the other day...this was the last time I saw them nesting in a box then sent them off with a hug. I am excited to hear when they arrive. I know how much I'm enjoying mine and how much Dawn loves hers so for Katie and Nicole to receive them together, well, I can imagine a squeal or two.Thank you all for the very nice comments.

Not that my bags are so great, but I would love to walk into a shop and see several of these in all colors. That would be wonderful to explore each ones details. I started another bag last night for a dear friend. I may share bits of it but I don't want the person to know and she may check my blog on occasion (something I always forget) however it is too exciting not to share progress. I'm embellishing the crazy pieced flap right now. I do have to get to a nice fabric place for some fancy trim. I have the beaded trims and the vintage dyed crochet trim but I need a fun loopy one and one with ball tassels.

I have been so delighted to hear that several of you were inspired by these and have made your own for friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. That is exactly why we must share, to inspire and be inspired. Upon request I will be making a pattern soon along with my directions. There may be a pattern already offered, I have no idea. I am not a machine sewer so you know mine will be simple,LOL. It gets you from point A to point B without the fuss. I like Frou Frou, but not Fuss! Most of you can just look at it and take it from there like I did, so feel free to do that.
Naturally I credit the idea to Robin Brown, the royalty behind this bag which I refer to as Bohemian (Boho) bags, or in my case, Boho Gatherings bag :-) They feel like you have owned it for years. They have a nice weight to them and hold a lot of stuff. The re-purposed vintage crochet trims and doilies make it feel like it once belonged to your great Aunt Edna. One other thing you will enjoy is how quickly these go together, especially if you aren't crazy quilting the flap, which I must do now otherwise it wouldn't be from me!!!! Besides, anytime I can use up some stash, I'm ready!

There is a multi family subdivision sale this morning which advertised beads....see ya later!


  1. I will look forward to the pattern! Would love to make one of these bags.

  2. Hi Pat!
    I'm now down here in hot, steamy Texas and leaving for the River which is 8 hours further south and into the frying pan - can you say HOT?

    I made it to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and picked up a nice bag full of pretty doilies and linens - had lots of fun but boy was it hot!

    Love all your BoHo bags and I'm sure your girlfriends will too! Beautiful work as always!

    Hugs, Nicki

  3. Oh, I so encourage you to do a pattern! The bags have such a familiar a child of the 70's! Ha! The CQ just makes them sing! I'm sure they will be well received because they are so beautiful.
    BEADS!!! Oh my, hope you find tons that are great...and share photos of your "loot"! Hugs!

  4. I would love the pattern. I would like to make one of these wonderful bags.

  5. Anonymous2:42 PM CDT

    Garage sale?? If I come down can we go garage saling?? Saling-spelling doesn't look right-not my best subject, thanks heavens for spell check-LOL!!! I so love your bags, they turned out so fabulous, luck friends, I so love your work. Yes, it's supposed to be hot then next few weeks, I can't believe it's the middle of July already. Be well-Leslie K.

  6. Beads! Amust have in your stash!

    Must email you by the way...

    Sandie xx


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