Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer surprises

Yesterday I worked my behind off in the garden reclaiming it. Last year mom's illness left me with little time or desire to maintain it and boy oh boy did nature take advantage of that. I've never seen so many Fern and overgrown Forsythia. I accumulated quite a huge pile for DH or DS to haul away.
I took it slow and kept in mind my back issue and so far so good. I can't NOT garden. It was such a mangled mess and I couldn't walk through it without getting touched by something, let alone view any blooms of the day, which there weren't much of. Soon the Turtlehead will be blooming..yeah!
I took a break from that and went out to the front porch to sweep it and I found a pretty purple bloom on the floor. I looked up and saw the Wisteria blooming again. You can't see them well but click to enlarge and look to the right and left you can spot some purple clumps.What a wonderful Summer surprise but that's not all............

Mr. and Mrs. Robin have decided to take over the Wisteria and just above head level near the steps they built a nest. Every time you walk out the front door, and you know how I enjoy my porch, I disturb them and they startle me. I was going to remove it a few weeks ago but couldn't bring myself to destroy such a perfect dwelling so against my better judgement I left it. Yesterday I went out to water the hanging plants and weed a little around the front garden when I was dive bombed three times by Mr. Robin. Hmmm...what did I ever do to him to get such treatment? Mrs. Robin perched on the corner of the roof telling Mr. Robin to save the babies!Then I had the idea to take a picture inside the nest. I slipped into the house to retrieve my camera and slowly but not unnoticed, I snapped a picture. Sure enough ...I think there are two babies.
The poor couple were squawking up a storm so I left them alone and headed back out to the garden.

Last night I tossed a few trims around the last piece I was working on .......perhaps another BOHO Gatherings bag in the making?
I have a doctor appointment this morning and it looks like rain so I may be a stitching when I return. I hope you have a great day too!


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM CDT

    I love all the info and pictures,my garden got out of hand last summer because of shoulder surgery and trying to play catch up this summer but need more crazy quilting time....
    The bag is looking beautiful and the trip you made and the stash you added is wonderful. Thank you for sharing..........Kathleen Klein

  2. Hope everythings' ok at the Doc's.
    If your back is ok,maybe you'd like to come and do my patch over? LOL!
    It's hot and very humid here and thunderstorms expected later...hopefully a relief from the little black flies that get everywhere!!

    Your new stitching is lovely as always!


    Sandie xx

  3. Be careful of those dive bombing birdies! I bet your garden is as beautiful as ever.

  4. I know exactly how you feel about the garden!! I will NOT be kept from it even with my bad back!! take it easy though. When I stop, It hurts I just want you to be sure you stop before it hurts!!! Naproxin has become my backs best friend- HAve you tried it!!!???
    Love the birds nests in the garden but they do manage to find the prime traffic spots- especailly the Robin's!!! Love the latest bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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