Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rose Bowl flea market and meeting Susie!

One last morning stroll around the block with our Starbucks treat. Beautiful purple flowers everywhere!
Our last day was special. My niece Katy joined us for the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena and I was about to meet a sweet lady I met online. I had shared some cq stash with Susie and she read that I was coming to CA and we arranged to meet at the flea market. We made it! Overcast and kind of morning!

Meeting the beautiful Susie Wolfe. What a sweet and fun lady!!Susie took me to her favorite linen vendor where I found old dresser scarves for the Boho bags. We all loved the twisted metal wiry items.
Dawn enjoying the offerings.
Nicole and Katy.
Vintage lace and millinery items.
A shop with the neatest clothing made with vintage doilies.
Using panic button to find the car among the massive parking lot.
I will post some stash when I get things unpacked. My back is better but not quite there yet. Taking it easy on this rainy day.


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM CDT

    thanks Pat for those of us that can't be there---we can share thru your eyes--looked like great fun to see so many neat things---Mary Bonnell

  2. My idea of a perfect day ho wonderful

  3. Yummy! I would love to go putzing around in those intriguing little places!

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM CDT

    I love flea markets. I's have lost my mind and over bought and have to rent a car to drive home-LOL!!! What great fun-Leslie k.

  5. Glad you had such a Happy Time Pat. LOVE those Goodies!

  6. Oh yes! I would have love the Rose Bowl Flea Market!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandie xx

  7. Would love to be with you sounds like so much fun Thanks for sharing.Laura

  8. Pat, it looks like you had a little trip to Heaven! Wow!!! I just love Flea Markets. What lovely photographs. It looks like you had so much fun.

  9. Anonymous12:38 PM CDT

    It was so much fun meeting all of you, what great shopping companions! I'm happy to read how much you enjoyed your entire trip. Thanks for letting me share the Rose Bowl part. Hope you will come back to LA again soon.-- SusieW
    PS-Tell Dawn that I'm practicing my negotiating skills


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