Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Part one of trip

I couldn't have planned a better trip. From start to finish everything fell into place so timely and with ease. It was unreal. I felt like royalty traveling with Dawn. I must admit it was pretty cool to stroll past the long lines at the airport. I felt guilty but only for a moment :-)

There is much to share so I will be doing so in several posts. Let's start at the beginning.......

Flying above the clouds...... beautiful. Goodbye Chicago!
Like all crazy quilters, we took advantage of every moment as we stitched on the plane. Dawn is working on her block. I would travel anywhere anytime with Dawn. She was so laid back and pleasant the entire trip. It was like traveling with myself, no drama, no stress, lots of laughter.

Nicole picked us up at LAX and whisked us away to fabric wonderland....We had lunch at IN-N- OUT, their favorite burger joint.
Yum! The three of us thank you Nicki Lee for giving us the tip on parking. We found the spot you suggested above the fabric mall and Nicole and Dawn wasted no time finding beautiful fabrics as we stepped off the elevator. Out the door and down the street we were in the center of the fabric district. Dawn standing on the corner (for the sake of fabric only) Nicole and Dawn finding trims galore! We decided to go to our hotel and start fresh in the morning.

A certain someone who sent me the Tee shirt I'm wearing in the photo and who lives in CT dared me to jump on the bed at the Biltmore.......I took her dare! Good night!

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